Friday, January 9, 2009

The world spins madly on...*

...and so do I. This is what the first batch of my Briar Rose BFL looks like plied...

briar rose bfl

...and while I still have the other half of that fiber to spin, I couldn't resist playing with this...

bermudas triangle

...this is some Corriedale roving I've had in my stash for a while. I bought it in Florida and its from a local (FL) indie dyer, the name of which escapes me at the moment. If I remember right, though, the dyer also owns the sheep the wool came from, which I always think is pretty cool. 

Anyway, I can't say I'm too thrilled with this fiber itself. I have not had good experience spinning Corriedale, ever. I find it difficult to work with. It's working out better on the wheel than it did with my spindle, but it is still not great. But the colors...! It's called Bermuda's Triangle, and it is a beautiful colorway. Especially bright and cheery on a gray winter day. Very tropical, and that's enough to keep me muddling through the fussy fiber (and the gray winter, though we are actually promised an appreciable amount of snow by the end of tomorrow...I'll believe it when I see it, but still, hope remains). 

I am still knitting, too. I've got my MIL's sweater back up to the point of starting the raglan decreases again, which I will do the correct way this time. Duh. I can't wait to get done with this sweater because I'm dying to move on to other knitting projects. While I really want to start something new, I have promised myself that I will first finish some things. I'd like to say I am going to dedicate the rest of January to finishing as many of my UFOs as I can before I start anything new, but I know better than to promise that. But I am going to try.

One thing I really want to do involves this...
sg thoreau

It is some Sanguine Gryphon sock yarn, colorway Thoreau. Something I want to do more of this year is design. I have a sock pattern I designed a while back, but I didn't get it written up, so I thought I'd do it again so I could write up the details as I went. However, the more I look at this yarn, it has given me a completely different idea of what it would like to be. So, we'll have to see how that works out. More on that to come!

*World Spins Madly On is actually a very cool song by The Weepies (though it has nothing to do with spinning yarn, LOL). Check it out here, at their MySpace page.

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