Saturday, January 17, 2009

More yarn, another FO...

I'm just moving right along! I finished off another WIP last narrower version of the Noro Two-Row scarf...

narrow noro 2 row

The scarf and I were having a disagreement this morning on how it should be photographed. You'd be surprised how persnickety something with such pretty colors in it can be. Inside wasn't going so well, so I tried...

narrow noro 2 row - 2

...outside. It really didn't like that. It wanted to come back inside and have it's Saturday morning coffee. So, that's what it did. Er, ok...that's what I did. The scarf was happy, and so was I.

(See what happens when I don't get enough a) sleep or b) coffee on a Saturday morning? I start personifying my knit goods.)

(And about the sleep? Yeah. I was up -- wide awake -- before 8 a.m. today. I'm never awake that early without an alarm. Ever. WTF?)

I moved on to the rest of the Briar Rose BFL that I'd finished plying yesterday. It was so much more cooperative about the pictures than the scarf...

briar rose bfl end just perched prettily on the piano and smiled...

briar rose bfl end -2

...and so I did not make it go out into the 1 degree F. air and sit in the snow. 

The scarf is pissed. I may have to keep the two separated.


As I mentioned the other day, I'm really pleased with how the rest of this BFL spun up. Using my handy-dandy new little WPI tool, I've determined that this hank (about 160ish yards) is a fairly consistent DK/light worsted weight, which is exactly what I was going for, so, yeay me!

I got some delicious fiber in the mail yesterday from CJ Kopec Creations. I didn't take pictures yet, but the one is a Masham roving in a colorway called Candy Corn, and the other is Merino/bamboo/Colonial blend in a vibrant red colorway called Secrets. And oh my goodness...that latter roving? It is so soft and so beautiful that I just want to hold it and pet it and do unspeakable things to it, it is that lovely. I can't wait to spin it. But I'm going to just let it sit where I can ogle it for a while. Mmm.

I think my next spinning project is going to be the Bunny Patch merino/angora Storm Clouds roving I recently got from NewHueHandspuns. I keep telling my kids I'm going to "spin the bunny," LOL and my daughter keeps imagining naked bunnies hopping around after they've been shorn. Hence, I had to explain to her that angora is harvested by plucking it from the bunnies, not shaving it off them like a sheep. I think she was relieved. (Ok, that is my understanding of how you get fiber from bunnies, but my knowledge of this is limited to what I read in Barbara Delinsky's novel, The Summer I Dared. So I could be wrong.)  

BTW, my WIP count got down to 11 after finishing the Noro scarf, but then I remembered that I needed to reactivate my afghan square project, which I'd previously marked off as finished but is really not because I agreed to join in with a group of girls who want to make eight more squares to swap to end up with a bigger afghan. So. I'm still at 12. Will this WIP number ever get to the single digits?? The weather seems to have no problem with that. My knitting, however, isn't getting it. But there is still the second half of January left to try and make a dent. :::sigh:::


pdxknitterati said...

Reds are just notoriously hard to photograph. I think it's just spirited! Pretty scarf.

Cat woke me at 4:30 because she thought it was breakfast time. I ignored her. Can't reward that behavior.

Anonymous said...

Loving that scarf....looks nice and squishy. Now that you're all photographed up, GO BACK TO BED!!