Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sometimes you just have to be ruthless...

Ok, so, after taking inventory yesterday of my remaining 11 WIPs, I posited that I might just frog the Not-So-Basic-Black Cardi. I looked at it today to make sure there wasn't some little redeeming something about it that might stay that fate. 


Nope. I'm just not feeling the love. The Hacho yarn itself has a lovely feel, but this particular colorway? Ech. And then I looked at the front, which I'd re-engineered (who, me? redesign something midstream? heh...)...eh...it wasn't quite what I'd been going for. Thus, I'm sorry, Not-So-Basic-Black Cardi who was about 40% complete...consider yourself frogged. Riiiiiiiip.

There is something empowering about deciding to rip out a knit that isn't working, you know? It's not all bad to admit that the hours we put into something don't make it right...and that maybe those hours were needed for us to learn something apart from what the finished object itself could have shown us.

With this in mind, I braved the deep, dusty recesses of my bedroom -- basically known as that mysterious space under the bed -- and pulled out my box of hibernating UFOs. These are the projects that I either got bored with or just didn't want to feel the guilt they induced as they looked at me from their place in the knitting basket, so I banished them. Only I called them "hibernating" because "hibernating" is a much kinder word than "banished." (Plus "hibernating" is an option on the Ravelry project page, whereas "banished" is not.) 

The thing is, much like the cream-colored lace blouse that seemed just perfect when you bought but ended up being itchy and uncomfortable, or the pair of 5" lime green heels that seemed like they'd be a fun addition to your footwear only you can't really walk in them...like those things that languish in corners of closets, threatening to remind you of your ill-fated impulses, these hibernating UFOs can start to haunt you. You know they're still there, but you don't really love them anymore, and you know you should do something about them, but...but...it can be hard to make that final decision, you know?

Until you do it once. One little taste of ruthlessness can be all that is needed to set you free. MWAHAHAhahahahaha....!

And so we say goodbye to the crazy tank top that I decided to design, after spending an untold fortune on the yarn because I bought it on sale, returned it and then bought it again after the freaking sale...


...you were a nice idea, but you just aren't working out and at this point, I don't even remember what I was doing with you. So...riiiiiiiip!

And we also bid a half-hearted farewell to you, rough organic cotton ponchette...


You were the first "big" project I ever started to knit...and it shows...you have errors, my friend, many horribly wrought stitches. Even at 65% done, I'm afraid there is no redemption for you in this life. Thus...riiiiiiiip!

And you, lacy shawl that I started at my MIL's request, for a Christmas gift that never was to be because I just don't knit lace that fast, and frankly, the acrylic yarn she requested? Gah...! :P


You're a pretty pattern, and perhaps some day I'll revisit you, but in a more deserving yarn and at a time when I have the ability to really focus on you. For now...riiiiiiiip!

Oh, and then there is you, Noro sock...I so, so wanted to love you! I really did! I waited in great anticipation for your yarn to come to the shop! But when you arrived and I cast on, I was so disappointed...

noro sock-3

...it wasn't your colors that let me down, for Noro colorways can never disappoint. No, it was the feel of you...you were not pleasant. And you were loose and horrible in stockinette, so I cast on again, and even again, I believe, finally landing on a 2x2 rib, but even at that, you brought me no joy. It was a case of too-high expectations that brought our relationship crashing down. I'm sorry. I feel I'm at least partially to blame for this. But nevertheless...riiiiiiiip!

There is some light in this ripping darkness, though! One lone project, a silk/mohair tube scarf, escaped unfrogged. Nevermind that mohair is a total bitch to rip out, but I really like that project still. The yarn and its colors still make me feel warm and happy and fuzzy (how not to feel fuzzy with mohair?). It's banishment came about simply because I was distracted by newer, more exciting projects, but I will not frog it. No. I will finish it because I know I will love it when it is done. But I will leave it in official hibernation for right now because, dude, I'm not adding another active WIP to the list before the end of January! LOL


Anonymous said...

Riiipppppit girl!! You go. It takes a brave knitter to know when things just aren't working out and to rip it out. I'm in desperate need of taking a dip in the frog pond myself....you've inspired me.

pdxknitterati said...

So this, THIS, is how you're going to get the WIP count down! You are definitely without ruth. I love it.

I have a couple WIPs so old from a previous knitting life that I don't count them as WIPs at all. They're in a box somewhere. Perhaps you've inspired me, too. Although I'll probably leave them, until I decide I need the yarn! (No graceful way to rip intarsia, all those little pieces of yarn, and non-spit-spliceable yarn at that.)