Thursday, October 30, 2008


We are here. It was a blessedly uneventful trip (aside from yesterday's snow at the beginning of the journey). A long time in the car, though. I am very glad to be done driving for a while!

I'm tired...really tired tonight. Not capable of forming good sentences into good paragraphs, so I'll just take a random approach to this update...

Coming here to my mom's house in Florida is oddly like coming home, even though she has lived here only two years and I have never lived here. Home is where the parent is, I suppose. 

Having visited here six times before, I've developed some habits, little rituals of sorts. One of these is that I usually, shortly after arrival, find an excuse to get in a car and drive to the beach for the mere act of breathing in the ocean air, seeing the waves, and hearing them crash. It does not feel like a true beach vacation until I have done this. I'm not sure if it is because visiting here is becoming -- dare I say it? -- somewhat routine or what, but I did not get to the beach after arriving today! I thought of it, but it was mom was due home from work soon and I wanted to see her when she got here. Then we headed out to dinner. Then it was dark. And I was tired of driving, remember? So, I have to take my mom's word for it that the Atlantic Ocean has not left its shores. I'll verify it for myself tomorrow, as soon as possible.

I can only eat so much fast food on road trips. Aside from eating a few left over chicken nuggets from my daughter's lunch yesterday (I packed myself tuna salad for lunch yesterday) and a big cup of liquid crack (McD's Sweet Tea), I avoided fast food altogether. Dinner was at Chili's last night, and breakfast was of the continental variety at the hotel this morning. For lunch, I held out for a Cracker Barrel because we have none super close to us at home and thus it is always a treat to go. I love the store. Seriously kitchy stuff, mostly, but it's fun to look at. They're full-on ready for Christmas right now, which is irksome to me, but on the up side, all of their Halloween stuff was on sale half off. I'm not a big Halloween person, but I could not leave this at the store:

It's a (get ready for it) BATula! How freakin' cool is that? LOL Who wouldn't want to flip eggs or pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches (er, sandWITCHES?) with a BATula? LOL Honestly, I bought it for the pun alone. It made me amazingly happy, and it provided much entertainment in the car as the kids made it dance to various road trip playlist tunes, and as I threatened them with, "Don't make me beat you with the BATula!" any time they got rowdy and annoying as kids can get in the back seat on a long road trip. It was great. (The check out girl said these were really big sellers this year, and they had also had pumpkin-shaped ones that were sold out, but really? A pumpkinula? Hardly has the same effect. Unless it was a carved pumpkin shape, then maybe it could be called a JACKula. Neh.)

(Just to clarify...BATula is entirely my name for it. The Cracker Barrel tag simply labels it as item number 610, made in China. Seriously? I think they need to boost morale in the creative advertising department or something.)

Lastly...heart burn. I used to get heart burn a lot. Really a lot. Then I changed my eating habits and I hardly ever get it now unless I eat something really spicy. Except. Except when I come to my mom's. I always get heart burn when I'm here. ALWAYS. I actually started getting pre-emptive heart burn a few days before leaving for the trip this time. What the heck? Maybe stress of getting ready for a trip short notice? Not that I really felt all that stressed over it. (Personally, I blame it on presidential campaign frustration...its their fault.) 

All I do know is the combination of 16 hours in the car + Chili's food last night (spicy), more caffeine than usual + Pizza Hut pizza for dinner tonight = a big ol' case of nasty, miserable heart burn. I've got Tums and Pepto on hand in hopes of making its stay a short one and hopefully keeping it from spending this whole trip with me. 

PS...the one thing I did do tonight, in lieu of a beach visit, was go to Wal-Mart and buy a wireless router so I can happily function from my MacBook instead of having to deal with the frustration of my mom's horribly slow computer. Because that would have been bad for my heart burn. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Road Trippin'

LORELAI: Ah. No music. I can't believe we forgot to bring tunes.
RORY: Do you realize that neither of us has the vaguest idea where we are?

LORELAI: What is a road trip without tunes?

RORY: The sun is directly behind us.

LORELAI: Never been in this car for any extended period of time without playing AC/DC.

RORY: I have no idea which way it's going.

LORELAI: I need my "Highway to Hell."

RORY: It's right out the windshield there.

(Road Trip to Harvard, Gilmore Girls, Season 2)

Won't find me in Lorelai's predicament. Got my tunes! My official Florida '08 Road Trippin' play list (be warned -- like its creator, it is kind, don't mock) (click image to embiggen so you can read it without inflicting eye damage on yourself):

A couple notes:

These songs are listed in no particular order. They just jumped out at me as I perused my song library.

My goal was to have no more than one song per artist. I failed.

With regard to Linkin Park, I could have added a bunch more, but I exercised restraint.

With regard to Year 3000, hush, you! We are all entitled to a guilty pleasure now and again.

These 40 songs will use up 2.5 hours of drive time, which means I would need to listen to this playlist approximately 12.8 times to cover the entire drive time of the trip. This will not happen. I would be entirely sick of every song after about eight rounds. Maybe nine.

Thank God I downloaded those audiobooks. That's another 4.5 hours accounted for. Whew.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Making the list...

...because I am a list-maker, and because it makes me feel productive to be able to mark them as "done" when they are...done.

Drop off the grandson - Done
Grocery shop -Done
Ship packages/buy stamps - Done
Pack clothes - Done! (Three people, three suitcases...I cannot pack light to save my soul)
Pack knitting - Done (Ha! Told you it would be done before clothes packing! LOL)
Pay bills - Done
Send in retreat registrations - Done
Apples? - Sigh - Well, in pitched in the compost heap...they were too far gone :(
Tomatoes? - Done (sorted the too-far-gone from the still salvageable...hopefully the husband will eat his fill while we're gone)
Plan school work for trip - Done
Book on CD/MP3 - Done, in triplicate (A Christmas Carol, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Raven...heh...was going for a Halloween theme...and while the first isn't a Halloween story per se, there are ghosts in it, and it is a classic.)
Print out directions/reservations - Done
Clean kitchen despite fact that husband will not keep it that way - Done
Decipher what Mom means by "cold" in reference to Florida weather and how that should affect clothes packing - Hmm...done...kind of...packed for all temperature contingencies, which helps to account for needing three suitcases
Do ONE more load of laundry...really... - Done...actually, did two more, but the son needed socks, so I HAD to do the whites
Buy travel book for Savannah - Done! (Bonus! Picked up the Yarn Harlot's newest, as well! Yeay!)
Download new tunes/make road trip play list - Done! (This was a bonus, a reward for getting everything else done.)

ETA: I am done! With everything on my list! Even the added items! And it isn't yet midnight! Not even 11 p.m.! This has to be some kind of record for me the night before a trip. I may actually get a full night's sleep. Hot damn!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Planning a trip... I mentioned a few posts ago, the kids and I are taking a road trip to my mom's in Florida. We leave Wednesday. I'm preparing for the trip now. Or at least I'm trying. The grandson has been here since Thursday night -- a three year old changes everything in a house! -- and he will be here through most of tomorrow, so my practical planning time is at a minimum. 

Since making the decision last week to take this trip, it has seemed like I had plenty of time to get ready. No rush! Now, here it is, Sunday night, and I'm inventorying all that should get done (with a three-year-old around) before I go, and I'm feeling a tiny bit of anxiety. Also a tiny bit of guilt because some of the things I should do -- like care for that bag of apples in the kitchen and the last of the tomatoes I picked last weekend -- should have been done before now. I've procrastinated, and now I am paying the price.

Some things I have done already. I have voted (my absentee ballot will go in the mail tomorrow). I have done most of the laundry. I've made a generous list of knitting projects to take with me and have wound balls of yarn accordingly. I've made our hotel reservation for the mid-way stop Wednesday night. That's all a good start.

So what do I still need to do? I need to grocery shop for food for the trip as well as for the husband to eat while we're gone. I need to pack clothes and I need to pack knitting (the latter will likely be done before the former). I need to pay bills and mail in the kids' fall retreat registrations. I need to do something with the apples and tomatoes. I need to plan school work for the kids to do while we're away, and I need to stop at the library to get some books on CD that we can all enjoy on the drive (or maybe I should see if I can find any free MP3 book downloads and just put them on my iPod?).

I know there is more to do, and it will likely come to me in bits and bobs over the next two days as I work to get ready to go. In order to make any of it possible, though, there are also things I should not do. I should not check Facebook and Ravelry a dozen times a day. I should not play Bubbleshooter. I should not try to catch up on unwatched episodes of DVRed shows. I should not stay up excessively late. 

We'll see how it goes. 


Since I showed you all that yarn in the last post, I thought maybe it was time to also share some of what I've been knitting, just to prove that I am actually using my stash.

Some things I've finished recently that I do not think I've shared on here...

Socks for the boy-child...he loves his hand knit socks!


My Plymouth Tweed cardigan that I have been wearing a lot and totally loving! I think it is my favorite thing I've ever knitted for myself (aside from socks).


A basic patterned knit hat (my September charity hat...I missed July and August and haven't done October yet...need to get caught up!)...

sept hat-3

Additionally, I've finished several afghan squares for the afghan swap I'm in, but I won't post them because some of them are not to their recipients yet.

In progress, I have my February Lady Sweater, which I've still been ignoring due to the issues I was having with the sleeves...I do want to get back to it soon, though...


A random scarf that will likely become a Christmas gift...first time I've knit with Rowan Felted Tweed, and boy is it yummy soft!


A pair of Heart Throb socks (that is the name of the yarn colorway, not the pattern, though the pattern does have hearts in it, not that you can see it from this angle, but it is hard to take a picture of your own foot!) sock done, a second to go...


I've been doing the Socktoberfest Mystery Sock pattern (if you are too but don't want to see up to Clue 3, don't look at the picture below! Scroll past quickly!) Clue 4 came out last Wed., but I haven't gotten to it yet at all. This is the first three clues...I strategically make the heel flaps fall on the sides of the socks with my most obvious cabling errors...ahem...

mystery socks-clue3

And lastly, a Basic Black cardigan in a not-so-basic-black yarn...making this from the black/multi colorway of Hacho...I love the yarn, and I thought it would make a fun, versatile cardigan to wear with just about anything, but now I'm wondering if it doesn't look a little too 80's retro? Or am I just imagining it? What I am not imagining is that I should have been working from two balls at the same time because I can see where one leaves off and another takes had more yellow and one had more turquoise...ah,'s such a busy sweater, if I don't slow down too long, people won't notice, right? LOL


And, um...that's it! Well, no...there is still another scarf and a Noro sock and some other random WIPs, but you've seen them all before...they haven't made any progress. :}

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Before, After

Otherwise known as attempting to subdue the stash.

Hold on to your hats, folks...this post actually has pictures!

As I may have alluded to, whined about or otherwise discussed in recent months, my office/craft room/studio/whateveryouwanttocallit has been in dire need of some organization and out-right rearranging. But it was one of those jobs that was just SO big that it seemed TOO big to even know where to begin. Finally, though, begin I did, and over a few weeks, I managed to regain control of (most of) my creative space.

First, the pictures of "Before"...

Exhibit A in the case for Lisa being a yarn ho:


Count 'em...1, 2, 3, 4, 5...11 (!!!) 50 - 65 quart Sterlite/Rubbermaid containers FULL of yarn, plus 10 smaller containers, also full of yarn. (What you cannot see is a bookcase to the left of that shelving unit, two shelves of which are also packed full of yarn.) Part of this was what I already had before the shop I worked at held its going-out-of-business sale. Then I started buying ridiculously discounted yarn and -- correspondingly -- more containers to house it in. Soon, however, the yarn got ahead of me and I realized the room has only so much square footage, and I already could not get into the closet unless I moved those towers of containers, so, soon I was left with this...

Exhibit B of Lisa being an unrepentant yarn ho:

homeless yarn-3

Most of this also came from the shop because, even after it closed, there was remaining inventory to clear out, and an even more insane employee discount and, well, little to no will power on my part. However, as if rescuing lingering yarn wasn't bad enough, I continued to indulge in my sock yarn fetish (which I must point out is in NO WAY related to a foot fetish...just sayin'...)

Exhibit C illustrating Lisa's sock yarn fetish:

sock yarn-3

Aw, now look at all that pretty-pretty sock yarn! How could anyone possibly fault me for buying the pretty-pretty-pretttttty sock yarn??? (Um, ignore the fact that one of those big plastic containers was already filled with sock can never have too many socks!) Especially those three skeins of Wollmeise there on the left??? I mean, come ON people! now you know my dirty little dirty little fiber hoarding, yarn obsessing secret. I have no excuse to offer you except that the yarn? It makes me very, very happy. I will knit my happy, happy yarn for the rest of my life and probably have some left to will to my children and their children, but hey...everyone has a weakness. It could be worse, right? (Rationalizations R Us.)

But I digress. Getting back to the topic...we've seen the "Before," now let's look at the "After"!

Look! I can get back into the closet now! And while I did not take a picture of the inside of the closet, I will tell you it now houses all of my cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc. yarns as well as my small stash of baby yarns. Seemed to make sense to put them in there because these are the ones I knit with least often.

organized room-3

And here you can see the book case I spoke of earlier...

org room 2-3

And that table that was previously filled with yarn can now be used for scrapbooking again! Yeay! (And I can even stash some of the boxes of yarn under there...I just noticed, though, what is printed on the side of the one cardboard box! LOL "In-Process Waste"!? I hardly think so! That's some nice yarn in there! ;))

more hidden yarn-3

And just so you know (because I know there are people out there snarky enough to comment about it)...yes, I realize this could be construed as gluttony. Maybe it is, but I don't think it is. It is my hobby and I choose to invest in it. I don't golf. I don't ski. I don't take exotic vacations. I'm not into elective plastic surgery. I don't get my nails done. My family is fed. My bills are paid. So, don't judge me, 'k? Each to her own, love. Each to her own. ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is bug season, it seems. With the cooler weather, we have our annual visitation of tiny, annoying gnats in the kitchen, seemingly attracted to the last of the tomatoes sitting on the window sill, as well of the bag of apples languishing in the corner (I really need to cook those soon). 

The cold weather also invites in spiders...the crunchy-looking kind. Blech. While I know spiders are not technically insects, they still "bug" me...or, more accurately, they creep me out (which, I realize, is oddly fitting for late October, eh?). Nothing is creepier than sitting here in my chair, minding my own business knitting, when, out of the corner of my eye I spy something small and black skittering across the cream-colored carpet. Ack. (Ok, there are creepier things than that, like watching a DVRed episode of Fringe late at night, alone, and seeing some guy's arm being mangled and people plummeting to their deaths in an elevator and things like that...but the spider is pretty creepy too. I haven't watched last night's episode yet, but from the commercials, it appeared to feature blood oozing from people's facial orifices...yeay...creepy. LOL) 

I used to have no mercy on these eight-legged invaders, wasting no time in getting out the vacuum and sucking them up. I've become more humane in my old(er) age. Now, I usually either try to capture them between a container of some sort and a piece of paper and release them back into the wild, or if they appear to be no real threat to me, I simply remind them of our deal -- you go under the couch and don't bother me, and I'll let you live. All bets are off, however, if they happen to be creeping anywhere on the ceiling or the wall above the head of my bed. :::shudder::: The mere thought of a spider falling on me in my sleep...well...ACK!!!

This time of year also seems to encourage bugs of the germ-y type. So far (knock on wood!), no one here has come down with the first cold of the season, but I know it is just a matter of time. My daughter did get a flu shot at her annual check up this year. My son did not, and now I'm thinking maybe I should sign him up for one, as his asthma has been flaring up occasionally lately. My husband and I have never gotten flu shots, but as the pediatrician told me, they are really being recommended more for everyone. I don't know. Still pondering it.

My most recent bug encounter, however, has been with the travel bug. Having traveled more in the past two years than ever before, I thought I might finally be immune from it, at least until next spring when I was planning a trip with the kids to see my mom in Florida. I was wrong. I woke up two days ago with the sudden realization that I needed to make that trip now. While I visited them for a long weekend in May, my kids haven't seen their grandparents since our oldest son's Marine graduation back in February, and unlike the past two years, my mom and step-dad will not be coming up here for either Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. My mom just had one eye surgery (cataract) a couple weeks ago, and she is due to have the second early next week. And I just want to be there.

So! A traveling we will go! I'm good at last-minute travel plans. Actually, spur-of-the-moment trips are my favorite kind. (After all, I planned an entire trip to Ireland in about three weeks, including getting passports!) After a few phone calls to rearrange some appointments, we are scheduled to head south a week from today. Other than that? It's pretty up in the air. We'll get there on Thursday (as I cannot make that drive in one day by myself), probably stay about a week and then visit the oldest son a day or two on our way back north. 

And hey, isn't it great that I just put all of our summer clothes away? Yeay! I get to pull them out again. LOL But at least there will be beach time (it's still in the 70s down there!), and there will be knitting time (what would a vacation be without it?) and for the kids, there will be school time (one of the beauties of homeschooling...portability!). And unlike previous September and October trips to Florida, where part of me has felt like it was missing out on the beauty of the western PA autumn, foliage season is definitely on the decline now, so I've already gotten to enjoy it!

Now I just need to make my lists and execute them -- to do before I go, to pack so we can go (which is so much easier when we drive since the only baggage limit I must observe is that dictated by the size of my trunk), knitting projects to take for while I'm away, etc. 

Let's here it for spontaneous travel! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday!

And yes it is a happy Monday. It is sunny out. The first view I see when I get out bed these days is the hillside to the west of our house, all resplendent in its autumnal glory. (In other words, the trees look darned pretty! LOL) And when the sun is shining on those reds and oranges, well, they're just set on fire and look amazing. 

And, the moon? Wow...I went outside late last night -- the first time I've taken the time to do that in a while, it seems -- and the near-full moon greeted me, shining bright and clear and simply beautiful. I surveyed the constellations and realized it has been a while since I'd been out to pay them a visit, because they've moved significantly. That means, of course, that my much-loved winter sky is creeping closer every night. I'm eagerly awaiting Orion's return to my part of the sky...I watched him all last winter, and he was my touchstone for learning several other constellations. I can't wait for him to come back around.

And it is a happy Monday because I have nothing making me leave my house today. I may voluntarily leave to go to the grocery store, because we need milk and a few other necessities. But otherwise? I'm good to stay home. And other than a couple of other regular outings and hair appointments for the kids on Thursday, our calendar is quite uncluttered this week, and that always makes me very happy

The fact that it is a light week schedule-wise gives me hope that I might make some progress in re-organizing the basement. Seriously. With the cold months coming, that place needs a good clean-up and I need to recoup space that the kids can use this winter to get their energy out lest they drive me batty up here! 

Plus, I am dying to get my office/studio-space re-organized. I removed the love seat from the room this weekend (because, really? the only thing that ever sat on it was junk) and replaced it with an old, beat-up conference table. This will give me the horizontal space I need to finally get my yarn all organized into less random collections in the storage containers, and once that is taken care of and I am (hopefully!) able to move around the room a little more, I plan to use that table as designated scrapbooking space. 

I've not scrapped in almost two year, and I really miss it. I have so much stuff (for every obsession there is a stash), even after purging through it a while back and getting rid of tons of materials that I'd collected over the years, and I have so many pictures...I want to get back to it. I figure if I give myself a designated spot in which to do it (because right now, my yarn has mostly displaced my scrap-goods to the nether regions of my space), then perhaps I can use one day a week to scrap. That would be good. And fun!

So...happy Monday to you all. May it be an enjoyable and productive week for us all! :)

P.S. Another Monday happy bit today? I finished a pair of socks for the boy (Rav link) last night, and he immediately put them on and hasn't taken them off. I love that he loves his hand knit socks!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Surviving the week...

I was checking my friends' Facebook statuses earlier this evening and saw that my husband changed his today to "Kevin is surviving the week." I thought that seemed a little glass-half-empty, but he has had a crazy week at work. Big meetings with big people. I guess it is good that he is surviving!

I, on the other hand, have not had big meetings with big people. I have just had a pretty normal week. We've done school. I've knitted. I've cooked. I've tried to keep my family in clean clothes. Aside from Monday being a somewhat rough school day (we have those occasionally), it's been a fairly non-descript week. No major drama. (Man, I always feel like I'm tempting fate when I say that.) And tomorrow is Friday. The kids have a youth group overnight at the church, and then Saturday I will have a the day to myself. The only thing missing from this coming weekend is a Steelers game, but its their by-week, and with all the injuries they've had lately, they need it, so I can hardly begrudge them the week off. 

I finished the blue/green tweed sweater I've been working on for the past few weeks. It knit up pretty fast, really, and I mostly like it. (Talking about glass-half-empty, I realized recently that I consider knitting projects successes if my gut reaction to them is, "I don't hate it.") It's a little tighter than I hoped for, but I think a little blocking will help with that. I'll post a picture soon. Hopefully. 

(Just a digression and pictures? I've got 'em, but to put them up when I'm blogging on the MacBook is just pain in the ass. First I have to get them from my desk top to the lap top, then I have to get the lap top to let me put them where I want them in the blog posts, and that is really the biggest pain of it all. I wish I knew why. It shouldn't be this hard!)

Now that the sweater is done, my main focus for the rest of the month should be socks, in honor of Socktoberfest. I started the Mystery Socks that Kirsten from Through the Loops is offering...that's been fun (though Week 1's clue knit up way faster than Week 2's is going to!). I do need to catch up on an afghan square, and I still have my February Lady Sweater languishing with its sleeve issues. So. Those will be my focii for the rest of October. At least that's the plan. Subject to change without notice, 'cause lemme tell ya, I've been having compelling bouts of castonitis lately. :::sigh:::

Oh, and tomorrow morning is knit group...I've missed the last two, so I'm planning on going tomorrow just so I don't appear to be completely anti-social! LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008


I highly value quiet. For me, silence is truly golden. Especially first thing in the morning: I turn the radio alarm off ASAP to quell the squawking voices that so rudely rouse me from my sleep. I don't turn on the television once I'm up. On many weekdays, my kids will have started some of their school work by the time I get out of bed (not that I sleep late...they're just early risers), so even they are quiet. When I can enter my day like this, gently, without my auditory sense being assaulted first thing, I'm a much happier person.

Today is such a day. Both kids are reclined in the living room, reading. They are quiet. It is cold now at night, so the windows are shut, blocking any extraneous noises that may filter into the house from outside. The only noises I hear at the moment are the sound of the refrigerator running and the sound of the laptop keys as I type. These sounds I can deal with.

This is the perfect way to start a Monday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October 1st!

That was the greeting I received from my daughter upon waking up this morning, so I'll pass it on to you. :)

I'm always happy when it is September because it means so many things...the start of school, the start of fall, my birthday...but I think October is my favorite fall month of all. It's definitely cooler, the leaves are really starting to turn color, we're fully into our fall/school's just a good, good month. (And it ends with Halloween to kick off the fall/winter holiday season!)

In the past couple of years, we've taken week-long fall vacations to my mom's house in Florida, either at the end of September or in early October. I'm glad we forewent that this year. As much as I love seeing my mom and step-dad and the beach, spending such a big chunk of time in a hot and sunny locale at this time of year just seems wrong. Summer is over. I want it to be over. I want to enjoy fall. And so we are doing this year.

And so we've been doing our usual fall things. Both kids had their annual physicals last week (healthy and growing!), and dentist appointments this week. Because of that aforementioned "growing" thing, today we're doing the bi-annual weeding through of clothing, discarding into giveaway bags that which no longer fits, and then we'll be heading off clothes shopping after lunch. As my daughter has pointed out to me yesterday, if we do not go shopping this week, they will FREEZE this weekend...and seriously, we can't have that, can we?

Temperatures are supposed to be blessedly seasonal this coming weekend, with and actual zero percent chance of rain for Saturday, which bodes well for the annual Apple & Arts Festival. This is one of those events Kevin and the kids go to every year. Kevin often takes a couple days' vacation to help prepare for it, and it is one of the shows to which he and his dad take tractors.

Like most festivals, there are lots of food and craft vendors, but as the name would imply, there are also a lot of apples and apple goods -- fresh pressed apple cider, apple tarts, apple pies, and just apples, apples, apples to buy and bring home for your own apple-y enjoyment. Kevin brings home a big bag of them every year and I cook them up into pie filling, which I freeze and use over the winter. (Last year I we lost the whole batch of filling after the bottom of the pan scorched beyond redemption and the whole vat of filling ended up tasting "smoked." Not good.)

I admit that I have not been to the festival in several years. I usually enjoy the time home alone, not needing the temptation of any of the crafts to purchase nor needing to indulge in any of the fattening, fried fair-foods. I usually rationalize it by considering it a daddy-bonding event. But I've decided I'm going to go this year. On Saturday. The whole day. It will be a nice day to spend with my family. I'll bring my camera and I'll bring some knitting, so when I've had my fill of browsing and eating, I'll still have things to do. I'm looking forward to it! 

PS - The Purl Bee has a lovely pattern up on her site for a cloth apple picking tote...I think I'm going to make one of these for this weekend!