Monday, October 27, 2008

Making the list...

...because I am a list-maker, and because it makes me feel productive to be able to mark them as "done" when they are...done.

Drop off the grandson - Done
Grocery shop -Done
Ship packages/buy stamps - Done
Pack clothes - Done! (Three people, three suitcases...I cannot pack light to save my soul)
Pack knitting - Done (Ha! Told you it would be done before clothes packing! LOL)
Pay bills - Done
Send in retreat registrations - Done
Apples? - Sigh - Well, in pitched in the compost heap...they were too far gone :(
Tomatoes? - Done (sorted the too-far-gone from the still salvageable...hopefully the husband will eat his fill while we're gone)
Plan school work for trip - Done
Book on CD/MP3 - Done, in triplicate (A Christmas Carol, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Raven...heh...was going for a Halloween theme...and while the first isn't a Halloween story per se, there are ghosts in it, and it is a classic.)
Print out directions/reservations - Done
Clean kitchen despite fact that husband will not keep it that way - Done
Decipher what Mom means by "cold" in reference to Florida weather and how that should affect clothes packing - Hmm...done...kind of...packed for all temperature contingencies, which helps to account for needing three suitcases
Do ONE more load of laundry...really... - Done...actually, did two more, but the son needed socks, so I HAD to do the whites
Buy travel book for Savannah - Done! (Bonus! Picked up the Yarn Harlot's newest, as well! Yeay!)
Download new tunes/make road trip play list - Done! (This was a bonus, a reward for getting everything else done.)

ETA: I am done! With everything on my list! Even the added items! And it isn't yet midnight! Not even 11 p.m.! This has to be some kind of record for me the night before a trip. I may actually get a full night's sleep. Hot damn!

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