Sunday, October 26, 2008

Planning a trip... I mentioned a few posts ago, the kids and I are taking a road trip to my mom's in Florida. We leave Wednesday. I'm preparing for the trip now. Or at least I'm trying. The grandson has been here since Thursday night -- a three year old changes everything in a house! -- and he will be here through most of tomorrow, so my practical planning time is at a minimum. 

Since making the decision last week to take this trip, it has seemed like I had plenty of time to get ready. No rush! Now, here it is, Sunday night, and I'm inventorying all that should get done (with a three-year-old around) before I go, and I'm feeling a tiny bit of anxiety. Also a tiny bit of guilt because some of the things I should do -- like care for that bag of apples in the kitchen and the last of the tomatoes I picked last weekend -- should have been done before now. I've procrastinated, and now I am paying the price.

Some things I have done already. I have voted (my absentee ballot will go in the mail tomorrow). I have done most of the laundry. I've made a generous list of knitting projects to take with me and have wound balls of yarn accordingly. I've made our hotel reservation for the mid-way stop Wednesday night. That's all a good start.

So what do I still need to do? I need to grocery shop for food for the trip as well as for the husband to eat while we're gone. I need to pack clothes and I need to pack knitting (the latter will likely be done before the former). I need to pay bills and mail in the kids' fall retreat registrations. I need to do something with the apples and tomatoes. I need to plan school work for the kids to do while we're away, and I need to stop at the library to get some books on CD that we can all enjoy on the drive (or maybe I should see if I can find any free MP3 book downloads and just put them on my iPod?).

I know there is more to do, and it will likely come to me in bits and bobs over the next two days as I work to get ready to go. In order to make any of it possible, though, there are also things I should not do. I should not check Facebook and Ravelry a dozen times a day. I should not play Bubbleshooter. I should not try to catch up on unwatched episodes of DVRed shows. I should not stay up excessively late. 

We'll see how it goes. 

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