Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Road Trippin'

LORELAI: Ah. No music. I can't believe we forgot to bring tunes.
RORY: Do you realize that neither of us has the vaguest idea where we are?

LORELAI: What is a road trip without tunes?

RORY: The sun is directly behind us.

LORELAI: Never been in this car for any extended period of time without playing AC/DC.

RORY: I have no idea which way it's going.

LORELAI: I need my "Highway to Hell."

RORY: It's right out the windshield there.

(Road Trip to Harvard, Gilmore Girls, Season 2)

Won't find me in Lorelai's predicament. Got my tunes! My official Florida '08 Road Trippin' play list (be warned -- like its creator, it is eclectic...be kind, don't mock) (click image to embiggen so you can read it without inflicting eye damage on yourself):

A couple notes:

These songs are listed in no particular order. They just jumped out at me as I perused my song library.

My goal was to have no more than one song per artist. I failed.

With regard to Linkin Park, I could have added a bunch more, but I exercised restraint.

With regard to Year 3000, hush, you! We are all entitled to a guilty pleasure now and again.

These 40 songs will use up 2.5 hours of drive time, which means I would need to listen to this playlist approximately 12.8 times to cover the entire drive time of the trip. This will not happen. I would be entirely sick of every song after about eight rounds. Maybe nine.

Thank God I downloaded those audiobooks. That's another 4.5 hours accounted for. Whew.

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