Sunday, October 26, 2008


Since I showed you all that yarn in the last post, I thought maybe it was time to also share some of what I've been knitting, just to prove that I am actually using my stash.

Some things I've finished recently that I do not think I've shared on here...

Socks for the boy-child...he loves his hand knit socks!


My Plymouth Tweed cardigan that I have been wearing a lot and totally loving! I think it is my favorite thing I've ever knitted for myself (aside from socks).


A basic patterned knit hat (my September charity hat...I missed July and August and haven't done October yet...need to get caught up!)...

sept hat-3

Additionally, I've finished several afghan squares for the afghan swap I'm in, but I won't post them because some of them are not to their recipients yet.

In progress, I have my February Lady Sweater, which I've still been ignoring due to the issues I was having with the sleeves...I do want to get back to it soon, though...


A random scarf that will likely become a Christmas gift...first time I've knit with Rowan Felted Tweed, and boy is it yummy soft!


A pair of Heart Throb socks (that is the name of the yarn colorway, not the pattern, though the pattern does have hearts in it, not that you can see it from this angle, but it is hard to take a picture of your own foot!) sock done, a second to go...


I've been doing the Socktoberfest Mystery Sock pattern (if you are too but don't want to see up to Clue 3, don't look at the picture below! Scroll past quickly!) Clue 4 came out last Wed., but I haven't gotten to it yet at all. This is the first three clues...I strategically make the heel flaps fall on the sides of the socks with my most obvious cabling errors...ahem...

mystery socks-clue3

And lastly, a Basic Black cardigan in a not-so-basic-black yarn...making this from the black/multi colorway of Hacho...I love the yarn, and I thought it would make a fun, versatile cardigan to wear with just about anything, but now I'm wondering if it doesn't look a little too 80's retro? Or am I just imagining it? What I am not imagining is that I should have been working from two balls at the same time because I can see where one leaves off and another takes had more yellow and one had more turquoise...ah,'s such a busy sweater, if I don't slow down too long, people won't notice, right? LOL


And, um...that's it! Well, no...there is still another scarf and a Noro sock and some other random WIPs, but you've seen them all before...they haven't made any progress. :}

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