Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday random...

...I finally de-tree'd the living room and the rest of the house has been de-Christmased as well. I think. There is bound to be something somewhere that I forgot.

...Etsy has become a whole new kind of dangerous to me in the nine days since getting my spinning wheel. I've placed three -- yes, three -- separate orders for fiber from various Etsy sellers. (More on those as they arrive and I begin to play with them.) 

...And then there was the fiber order I placed at TLE. Srsly. Folks, this is a sickness. But zee fiberzzz...zey are zoooo preeeeettttyyyy....

...As the shipments of fiber come in, I just keep telling my husband that buying fiber is way, way cheaper than buying yarn. Poor guy.

...We still have no appreciable snow. We were supposed to get INCHES this weekend. Bah! Ice. We got ice. And some flakes. I am so done with these meteorologists and their high-falutin' radars and whatnot that always seem to be wrong. Again I say, BAH!

...I got on the scale yesterday morning to see a new number that I haven't seen in years! The thrill of each lost pound at this point continues to excite me beyond measure. Total poundage lost since the end of November: 14. And my jeans -- they are loose on me! Whee! :)

...Going to spend the rest of my Sunday afternoon working on (and perhaps finishing?? one can only hope!) my MIL's (late) birthday sweater while watching the Steelers (hopefully) defeat San Diego. 

...Hope you're having a happy Sunday! 

ETA: Woohoo! The Steelers won! Bring on the Ravens!

Also: Woohoo! The MIL's birthday sweater -- she is finished! Photos forthcoming! :)

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pdxknitterati said...

14 is a lot! Go, you!

Sounds like you have taken to spinning very quickly. But MIL is waiting. I spent the afternoon cutting out fabric handprints (Thank goodness for Heat 'n' Bond, and tracing) while watching CSI: NY from netflix. That made it go quicker.

Have a good week!