Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photographic challenges...

Two things it is nigh impossible to take a picture of...


...yourself spinning, because really? Drafting is a two-handed affair...and...

soctoberfest sock1

...yourself wearing a sock. (Ignore the horrible late-night lighting and the huge mess on the table! Thanks!)

After the rough start to my day, I did manage to get rid of my family settle down and find my happy place, which today happened to be in the living room with my spinning wheel. Right in front of the living room window really is the perfect spot to spin during the first half of the day. The sunlight (when there IS sunlight, and at this time of year that isn't a given, but today there WAS sunlight, so, bonus!) streams right in the window and makes me happy and peaceful.


I feel like a cat, you know? Cats love to curl up in a spot of sun. That's one of my favorite things about cats. They'll seek those spots out. Anyway. I love to just sit in the sunlight and spin, watching the flyer go around and practically sparkle as it does...sparkle like a sugar-coated vampire (if you've seen the Twilight movie, you'll understand the reference). 


(Yes, I realize I've just posted three pictures that are not all that dissimilar. My day might have improved, but I'm still sleep-deprived. And is just past midnight and I'm still awake. That should seem wrong to me, but it doesn't.)

As for the sock...I finished it tonight, right around 11:30. So, while I was still overly optimistic in hoping to finish the complete pair of Socktoberfest Socks by the end of January, I at least finished the first one. I'm pretty happy with it, even though I have one error in the cable, which no one will be able to see when it is under a pant leg, but I know it is there. (There is one in the other sock, too...I'm nothing if not consistent.) 

socktoberfest socks1-2

I'm not sure I'll get the second one done tomorrow, which was my plan when it was clear I wouldn't be getting it done today. Cable charts and the Super Bowl really will not go together well, especially since my STEELERS will be playing! Woohoo! Might need to find something mindless to work on during the game. Perhaps that two-row scarf? Hm.

And just an aside...despite my sleep-deprivation and subsequent crabbiness, I did get my butt out the door and went to the gym this afternoon. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my gym? I always feel so good when I come home! I needed that today. And while my weight loss came to a crashing halt for the better part of the week (and even had the nerve to back up and add a few pounds back on...grrrrr...), I remain optimistic and motivated. So, yeay! :)

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