Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What can I say?

No pictures today. Instead, I've spent all day, off and on, trying to compose a post about my intentions for this new year. What I ended up with was long and rambly and probably would only have been meaningful to me. Thus, I'm not posting it. I'm sure some of it will surface in subsequent posts over the course of the year, and probably within a more interesting context than me waxing at length in my obsessive, over-analytical, navel-gazing way.

That said, there was some spinning accomplished today. I've got one full bobbin of the Briar Rose BFL and nearly a second. I cannot wait to start plying this yarn! And plying will have to happen before I can spin anymore because I only have four bobbins. I've also realized that I need to attend to the maintenance of my little Traveller (a.k.a. Minnie) before much longer because all my spinning is making her shake and shimmy and things are definitely loose that should not be loose. Not good.

And there was some knitting today as well! Knitting has been scarce here since Minnie arrived. Need to find some balance on that front (but the spinning is so much fun!). I grabbed my Blackberry Jam sock to take with me today for some waiting-in-the-car knitting, and I think I got a whopping one round added to it. Tonight, however, I bit the bullet and ripped my mother-in-law's Sweetness sweater alllllll the way back to the ribbing and started reknitting it. :::sigh::: That is the more urgent project anyway, as we'll probably be celebrating her birthday this weekend and it would be good to have her gift done, you know?

And someone please tell me how tomorrow is Wednesday already???

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