Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heart Throb...

Here are some pictures of the finished Heart Throb socks, as modeled on my daughter's lovely feet (so much easier to take feet pictures when they are someone else's feet!)


Heart Throb is actually the name of the yarn colorway, not the pattern. I used the Hearts 'n Hugs Lace Sock (Rav link) pattern by E. J. Slayton, and modified it to use it for this DK weight yarn. (The yarn is a Merino superwash dyed by Knitted to a T.)

Perfect Valentine's Day socks, right?

Moving on in my quest for finishing this month, I'm working on finishing up the narrow Noro two-row scarf. Shouldn't take much longer.

I also got back to my spinning wheel today. After messing with that futzy (albeit pretty) Corriedale last week, I took some time away from spinning. It seemed best, as frustrated as I was. I decided to spin up the rest of the Briar Rose BFL today, though, and I don't know what's up, but it seems the fight with the Corriedale did something to even out my tension. I managed to spin up the last few ounces of the BFL with hardly any overspun spots, and my plying seems to be going along equally as well. Go figure! Of course, that means this batch won't match the first batch I spun. Oh well. :}

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Sam said...

Great Socks! I'm very jelous of your foot model. My DD is only 5, so I have to pretend to be a contortionist to get good photos.