Saturday, December 27, 2008

What is this, Florida?

It is 70 degrees F. today. Seventy. Seven-zero. WTF? Seriously???

There is blue sky. There is sunshine. Neither of those things will I complain about because they can be rare in southwestern PA between, oh, November and April. But would it kill Mother Nature to at least offer some seasonal temperatures and perhaps some snow on the ground? Would it?? I submit that it would not! Sheesh.

Adding insult to injury here, I wanted to somehow capture the sunny, blue warmth in a photo (because I can, and because my husband bought me a card reader for Christmas, allowing me to more easily put pictures on the blog when I'm working on the MacBook), but honestly? There is absolutely nothing beautiful outside to take a picture of here at this time of year. The grass is faded and mushy. The trees are bare. There are leftover dead leaves everywhere. And even in the sunlight, there is still a sickly gray pallor over it all...perhaps superimposed by my own mind, who knows. 

On the upside, it was a beautiful day to be outside without a coat on, and I went to the gym and enjoyed both the fact that I could come out when I was done, all hot and sweaty, and not have the sweat freeze on my body and also, curiously, my knees felt far less achy today than they do on most days after the gym. I think my knees are in favor of this weather. I know my husband's formerly broken ankle sure it.

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CJ said...

I so understand. I may whine and complain about the cold, or the hot, but I do truly love "seasons" and would most likely go crazy without them. Good luck and hope the weather changes for you soon!!