Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After going to my Ravelry projects page and adding two more WIPs to it, I stopped to count. You can do the same thing by looking at my WIP counter to the right. I now have seventeen -- 17, one-seven -- WIPs. That's not including the five projects I have in hibernation (at least one of which is getting frogged for sure). 


That just seems so...wrong

I know I'm not the only knitter like this. In fact, I imagine there are knitters out there who can beat my WIP score. But it does make me think back to the early days of this knitting obsession, back when I felt like I was going a little over the edge by starting two, maybe three at the most, projects at the same time. I mean, that felt a little crazy to me. Had someone told me that about two years later, I'd have seventeen projects in various states of completion all at the same time, I'd have thought them insane. Yet, here I am. Now I think I'm the one who is insane.

What makes this even more concerning is that ten of the seventeen are over halfway done. A couple are thiiiis close to being done. I think I need to get down to business and prioritize a way to get some of these done.

A list. 

Yes. I need a list. After the holidays. Stay tuned.

In case you are wondering, the two projects I added that brought my WIPs to that woeful total are: another striped scarf, this one half the width of the pattern so I can use up some odd balls of Silk Garden I have on hand, and a Just Enough Ruffles scarf, which is going to be a Christmas gift for a friend. Yes, I know...I said I was not knitting Christmas gifts this year. Well, technically I was not planning to knit any gifts...but this scarf was largely unplanned, so there you have it. I was just going to give this knitting friend the pretty Malabrigo Silk Merino yarn I'm using for it, but I saw the scarf at Yarn Harlot's site a couple weeks ago, and I thought maybe this would be a better use for the yarn, and the person in question will still get to enjoy it. :)

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pdxknitterati said...

I wasn't planning to knit a Christmas gift, either, but I did, and it's done. That feels good.

Keep on knitting!