Thursday, December 18, 2008

A day in pictures...

...and some other miscellanea...

I woke up today with a scratchy throat, a headache and a cough. Thus, I've self-medicated with echinacea, Zicam and Twinings Peppermint Tea. (And two Advil late this afternoon when I just couldn't take the headache anymore.) I've been bone tired all day and nearly fell asleep while waiting at the deli counter of the grocery store. Interestingly, I'm feeling somewhat better tonight (knock on wood). Here's hoping that continues, because this is not a good time to get sick.

I love the color of winter light as it falls through my front windows and creates a swath of warmth, brightening everything. Winter light, though less plentiful than that of other seasons (especially here in southwestern PA!), is quite beautiful, I think.

I'm getting used to our new, narrower Christmas tree. It's still bright and festive. That's what counts, right?

My WIP count is now down to sixteen, as I finished the Just Enough Ruffles scarf tonight. What a fun pattern it was! And the Malabrigo Silky Merino? Divine to work with! I want one for me now! (Am I all about the exclamation points today or what?!)

And a pictureless washing machine is making unhealthy squeaking sounds. This washer is not that old. Only two years. Or is it three? Still, that's not old in appliance years! It is not allowed to break! Do you hear that, Universe? Not! Allowed!

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pdxknitterati said...

That's the problem with Christmas knitting: you have to knit twice as much because you want one of everything that you've made for someone else!

Your pictures capture the light just perfectly.