Friday, December 5, 2008

I love me some creepy, crazy characters...

Taking time out from my Twilight obsession, I wanted to share with you just how much I am totally In Love with the TV series, Fringe. Can I get a witness here people??? I's a brilliant balance of creepy and funny, and the characters are awesome. I love Joshua Jackson since I saw him in Shadows in the Sun (I am apparently the only person on earth who never watched Dawson's Creek thus didn't know he was Pacey on that show). Anna Torv is wonderful. Lance Reddick is also good but a bit creepy and I haven't figured out if he's totally a good guy or not yet. 

But overwhelmingly, it is John Noble who has me captivated...nay, dare I say I am in love with his funny-crazy-genius character, Dr. Walter Bishop? (I only recently, in a major "Ah ha!" moment, made the connection that he was also the actor who played Denethor in LOTR...he's clearly a genius at playing nutso characters.)

The show is apparently in repeats until January, which will let me catch up on the first couple of episodes that I missed. Until then, I will tide myself over with YouTube clips. The one above is a good one...a collection of the craziness that is Walter. Gotta love 'im. :)

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