Friday, March 13, 2009


...bad blogging week! Sorry 'bout that!

Happy to report that my restless funk from Sunday passed, for the most part. It's still been a weird week. But it's FRIDAY now, thank goodness, so I'm just chalking it up to full moon-induced hormone imbalances. LOL It's as good an excuse as anything else, right?

Ok, so, I feel like I probably took pictures of something blog-worthy this week, but I can't remember what and I haven't the gumption right this moment to check my camera, so this will be a picture-less post. How about I just tell you the noteworthy things I can think of? Ok? Ok!

Big news! I've picked my February Lady Sweater back up and am successfully knitting the second sleeve, which I previously started knitting inside out (twice), which caused the sweater to go into a six-month time out. I'd really like to wear this puppy before it gets too warm. The Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool is light enough to make it a good spring sweater, even if the color (a rusty red) is much more amenable to fall. 

At any rate, I tried it on before starting the sleeve, just wanting to make sure it still fit ok, as 3/4 of my current wardrobe is in a pile to go to Goodwill at the moment because it's all too big. (Yeah. That's a mixed blessing. And the fact that my Lotus Blossom Tank that I knit last summer is among the woefully too-big? That's really painful. I can't bring myself to give that away just yet, even though it is beyond any hope of being able to be worn.) Thankfully, the FLS started out a little snug due to the the gauge difference of the Silky Wool and the yarn the pattern called for. I was good with that, though, as it is also fairly stretchy and I wanted it a little more fitted than baggy. But it fits like a dream now, which makes me even more anxious to get it done. 

I also decided, in trying it on, that I am only going to do short sleeves that will end just above the elbow. My one finished sleeve now ends just below the elbow and looks stupid, so I knew I needed to do something else with it, but rather than knit them long or even to the 3/4 length called for, I'm going to do short. Short just feels right.  

My other impetus for picking it back up this week is that I am going to the Homespun Yarn Party in Maryland this weekend, and I'd like to be able to wear it there. This is a total spur-of-the-moment road trip. Cosy will have a booth there, along with a bunch of other local, independent dyers/spinners, so there should be a huge amount of unique fiber-y goods to be had. It is a four-hour drive from here, and while I'm not against an eight-hour round trip to go to an event that lasts only five hours (I've done it before, I'm kinda crazy like that), I managed to bribe the husband with the promise of American history so that he'd a) go with me and b) drive, giving me 8+ hours of in-car knitting time. :) 

So we'll be going on Saturday to Mount Vernon (neither of us have been there before, and Cheryl has made it sound wonderfully interesting in her blog!), spend the night in Annapolis and then he'll drop me at the yarn event Sunday then we'll come home. It should be a nice little getaway for the two of us...we don't get to do that very often. Not sure how he'll spend his time while I'm at the yarn party...I doubt he'll go to it with me, though it would probably be to his benefit to do so as I'd be less likely to spend as much if he was there looking over my shoulder. LOL ;), that's all the news that is new here for the moment. Hopefully next week's blog posts will be more plentiful than this week's have been. I should have some nice pictures to share from our trip, too! Have a great weekend, everyone!


pdxknitterati said...

Hooray for your clothes not fitting! The FLS will be perfect. I changed the sleeve length on mine several times; a bonus to top-down knitting. You can get exactly what you want, eventually. You're almost there!

Is it possible to take in a seam on the sides of the lotus blossom tank?

a simple yarn said...

My first official day going 'solo' at Mt Vernon is Saturday. Just might see ya. I'll be the one with the dazed look on my face....