Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spinning, talking cats, and messages from booze

Behold! The first half of this pretty pink and purple merino/sea cell is now spun...

As I progress in this adventure we call spinning, I'm trying to become more mindful of what I'm doing. One thing I'm trying to remember to do is to think ahead to my plans for plying before I begin spinning. So far, I've mostly just spun my fiber, then taken the bobbins and plied them, which works fine if the singles are evenly distributed between an equal number of bobbins. I've found, however, that doesn't usually end up being the case.

This time, I had the forethought to divide the fiber into two equal sections before beginning. I even weighed them. So, technically, I've got an even split of two ounces each, thus I should be able to do a two-ply without much left over on one bobbin at the end. I realize this depends on me spinning both halves the same way, which is not all that likely, but hey...I'm trying. (I have no idea if this is how knowledgeable spinners go about things, but it seemed to make sense to me.)

This fiber is, in a word, delicious. It spins sooooooooo nicely and feels so good as it goes through my fingers. The staple length is long enough that I'm able to draw it out and spin pretty darned fine and fairly consistently. (Or so it seems. The truth will come out on that issue when I begin to ply.)

I think I'm also doing better with the over-spinning. But again, plying will prove me either right or wrong on that.

And do you notice that sunshine on my fiber? Yeah! It is BEAUTIFUL out there today! Had to take pictures outside. But then, that invites company...

And friends James, Bailey and I hope you had a lovely St. Patrick's Day yesterday!

That's a mug full of Irish coffee sitting in front, which I drank last night, NOT this morning before creating the talking cat montage, thankyouverymuch. ;)


pdxknitterati said...

The new yarn is gor-juss! The cat is cute, and your friends are very...persuasive. Happy day after!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Gorgeous yarn - you are doing so great with your spinning!! I think that I need to invest in a scale :)