Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slow down, please...

Ok, this week? She is just flying by. If she could just slow down so I could get more things accomplished, that'd be great.

So, a brief report on my week, bullet point style...

  • The UTI is under control...woohoo! I'm feeling way better, and I'm back to the gym! Hated missing Sat. and Mon.
  • I'm still trying to finish purging my clothes. I get so far into the process, have to stop and never get to finish. Which means that for three days in a row I end up with sorted piles on my bed, which I then have to move so we can go to sleep, just to do it again the next day. Later, rinse, repeat. Argh.
  • I'm dangerously close to being in paper work hell again. I need ONE DAY to just do nothing but get caught up on paper work. The problem? I do not HAVE one day to devote to paper work. I do not seem to have one day to devote to cleaning my house, either, hence it is rather sty-like at the moment.  Gah.
  • Despite not having time for paper work or cleaning, I do manage to have time for the more important things in life, like SPINNING and KNITTING! Priorities, people!
  • I went to Cosy's house today for a spinning lesson to help broaden my spinning abilities. 'Twas fun, and I got a lot of my spinning questions answered. And I now know the difference between spinning woolen vs. worsted. Among other things, I learned that a) my default spinning mode is worsted and b) I spin left-handed, which is kind of weird because I am right-handed. 
  • Have you checked out the WIP progress bars over there to the right? Hey! I was down to only SIX WIPs! Can you believe it? Then I went and cast on the Lemongrass Bolero last night, because I saw a picture of it that someone in one of my Rav groups made, and I instantly and immediately had to start one for myself. I'm doing mine in Arucania Pomaire, a cotton, so it seems I'm phasing into my warmer weather knitting. This does not bode well for getting Cosima finished anytime soon. :P
  • And speaking of warmer weather...two weeks until we leave for Florida! Yeay! The travel plans for this trip have been a freakin' headache. I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that despite my best attempts to fine reasonable airfares so we could fly, that ain't happening. So, we'll be driving. Fifteen hours each way. I'm trying to think of all the knitting time I'll have, because Kevin will, no doubt, want to do most of the driving. So, um, yeay. Lots of car knitting time. Hopefully we all make it there without killing one another. (Honestly? I do road trips with the kids all the time, no problem. But adding Kevin adds a whole other dimension. He is not a relaxed traveler, and knowing that stresses me out because I try to make our family travel -- as infrequent as it is -- have the least impact on him as possible. But there isn't much I can do about 15 hours in the car with two kids in the back seat, you know? I think our kids are good car travelers...but then I'm really good at tuning them out when they get wound up. Kevin? Not so much.)

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