Friday, March 6, 2009


First four chart repeats on the first Monkey sock. Pattern by Cookie A.; yarn by Rio de la Plata.

...I could just knit socks? I love to knit socks. Socks make me happy. I love sweaters and scarves and shawls, too, but they take so much longer for me to make than socks. (Well, ignore the fact I've still not finished my Soctoberfest socks, ok? Usually socks are quick for me!)

Just for the record, I am publicly stating that I fully intend to finish this pair of socks before the end of March (as it is a March KAL project), and I also fully intend to finish the second Soctoberfest sock as well as the second Blackberry Jam sock before Spring Fling in April. AND, I really, really, really want to finish my FLS by then too, so I can take it with me and wear it. It would be divine if I could also finish Cosima by then, but I have the feeling it will be too hot to wear that by then, but I really don't want to leave it languishing all summer, either. We'll see. :::sigh:::

These goals would go so much better if I could just resist casting on anything else! I did successfully manage to not cast on yet another scarf this past week. While I really wanted to do a fun pink-and-black/Good 'n Plenty-themed scarf (and I still do, frankly) (I have the feeling that bright pink is suddenly becoming my new teal...who'da thunk?), it is March, people, and I am thinking if I keep knitting wool things, Mother Nature might get the wrong idea that I'd like more snow. And I so don't.

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pdxknitterati said...

That's the whole problem, we can plan our projects way faster than we can knit them! So they stack up...

Your monkeys look great. I, the non-sock knitter, am on a sock jag. Whatever!