Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm getting that itch... cast on something new. Gah! Just when it looked like my WIP list was going to get to it's lowest point in memorable history -- I have three pair of socks, all in various points of second sock doneness -- instead, I'm potentially going to get sidetracked by something new and pretty and fun. I really should try to resist.

Let's talk about the socks...

...the Socktoberfest sock? Seriously...I should just bite the bullet and finish the damn thing. That cable chart really does go pretty quickly, and once I'm through with that, its just a toe and it's done. I could have that done in two days, easy. Maybe even one, if I opted not to shower, do laundry, go to the gym or feed my family. 

...the Blackberry Jam sock? I'm on the boring knit even part of the foot between the heel decreases and the toe. It's an easy, mindless knitting sock, though, so it would make good TV knitting this weekend. 

...the Monkeys? I just started the second Monkey yesterday, after going back and ripping out the toe of the first and making the foot longer (I was going to wait until I'd done the second sock, but knowing the first wasn't right was making me CRAZY and I just couldn't let it be, LOL). The Monkey pattern moves fast, and I do need to get that one done before the end of the month since it is a March KAL project.

So, if I've got three socks that should all, theoretically speaking, go quickly...why aren't I getting any of them done? Oh yeah. Because I'm working on three different socks and not giving any one of them my full attention. Knitting ADD strikes again! ARGH.

The only other project I have on the needles (aside from some ongoing afghan projects) is Cosima, which I really do want to finish, but with the weather getting warmer, I'm just not that into it. I fear it is going to end up in the same fate as the other Malabrigo sweater I had going that I finally frogged...if I leave it to finish for fall, I will (hopefully) have lost more weight, and it will be too big, thus I'll frog it instead of making a sweater that will be too big. If only I could see the future on that one. (Crystal ball, anyone?)

(Oh yeah. I still have that Ribbon Lace Scarf on the needles, too...I think that will be a Florida-driving project, though. Small, easy...maybe it will even get finished! LOL)

I'm getting the urge to knit spring and summer things. I'm thinking about doing this Drawstring Raglan (Interweave Knits, Summer 2008). I bought the yarn for it before the shop closed last year, and my friend Heather from the shop made a pretty mono-color version of it with buttons instead of the drawstring and a v-neck instead of the flappy bits at the top edges. 

Or maybe this: Bella Paquita. So very pretty. Not sure if I'm up for the challenge of that lace edging, though. 

Or possibly this: Phyllo Yoked Pullover. Its done in cotton, so it would work for warmer weather. And it would possibly fulfill my itch to do a yoked pattern.

I really could use a summery cardi in brown...I've got some Silky Tweed that'd been hanging around for such a project, and I've also got some brown Schulana Merino Cotton that would work, too. I could do a Hey, Teach! for myself with either of those, I think. I liked how my mom's turned out last year. Hm. All I know is I do NOT want to knit something that involves miles of stockinette. Decimal from the new Knitty is pretty, too, though. Ahh! Too many options!

Decisions, decisions....

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