Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weekend on the couch...

The folks at the Berroco blog have a fun little set of "weekend on the couch" questions up right now, answered by Cirilia, Norah and Margie. Readers are encouraged to answer too, and so I am because you know I can't resist these things. Besides, with the snow coming down right now, it's fun to think about curling up on the couch and just relaxing and staying warm.

Favorite escapist movie: Lord of the Rings (any or all)

Favorite libation or wintery beverage: Coffee

A guilty pleasure snack or comfort food recipe: cheese bread (bread with cheddar cheese melted on it in the toaster dad used to make this for me when I was a kid...mmm...)

Who or what surrounds you on the couch: Well, I don't sit on the couch much but in my comfy arm chair, where I am surrounded on the right by my WIP yarn basket, in front by my ottoman with my laptop and usually at least one WIP, and on the left by a box containing the yarn for an ongoing afghan project.

How do you unwind and shut out the world at the end of the work week: I don't work outside the home right now, but after homeschooling and other tasks keep me busy, so by week's end, I'm always looking forward to having a laid-back Saturday to do what I want...usually reading, knitting, catching up on DVRed shows and maybe going out to dinner with friends.

The last question was specific to the knitting "glitterati"...and since I do not fall into that category I won't bother answering, but I will say that when I just need mindless knitting to chill with, I usually work on my charity hats...simple, in-the-round knitting.

On other fronts...

Twilight comes out tomorrow! We are excited! We've got our tickets for the 1:30 showing! Can! Not! Wait! 

Also, I'm nearly done with Breaking hope was to finish it tonight, but that might depend on how late the Steelers game goes and how awake I am by then. I didn't sleep well last night, and I'm tired.

Lastly, a picture from dinner the other night...pictured from left to right are me, Will and Peggy. Carole outright refused to be in the picture because she hates having her picture taken. We love her anyway. (And I want to know WHY my hair looks so normal to me in the mirror at home, yet when I see it in a picture, it looks weird? What was I thinking, pulling it off my forehead like that? Good grief.)

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pdxknitterati said...

My hair always looks weird to me in pictures, because it's parted on the wrong side! At least according to my mirror...

Looks like you had a fun time with your friends!