Thursday, November 6, 2008


Reading through the blogs on my blog list over there to the right (I don't read them all every day. I usually read all of the knitting ones every day, but the others only every so often. I mention this just so you know I don't spend my entire day reading blogs, which actually would not be hard to do!)...anyway, as I was reading through my favorite knitting blogs today, I found the Giving Thanks Challenge at the South Breeze Farm blog. Christina at Knitting Mania had it posted on her site (she's a new favorite for me...found her blog a few weeks ago, it's great!). I thought it was a really nice idea. Not only is it a traditionally "thankful" time of year, but really it's never a wrong time of year to focus on thankfulness! 

For a while, I used a little Moleskine notebook as a "Thankfulness Journal." I still have it in my purse, but I admit I write in it very infrequently anymore. Not because I'm not thankful, but because I don't think of writing it down. Somehow, though, writing it down makes me think a little more about all of the wonderful things in my life, big and small. I don't mean to, but sometimes I can get pretty cynical, if only in my own mind (though sometimes out of my mouth, too). It's good to break out of that.

So, I'll be taking part in this challenge this month, adding an item a day to the list below the button in the sidebar. (I started by listing six things in order to get current!) Why not join in? :)


Our time in Florida is quickly coming to an end. Today was our last full day...and of course, it was beautiful. Sunny and warm. Go figure. LOL We made the most of it. The kids and I went to a lovely little cafe where we sat outside and had lunch, then we walked by the piers and watched the boats for a while, and finally we made our way to the beach (twice) to walk around, dance in the surf, pick up shells and take pictures. Tonight we hit the hot tub again, under the moon and stars. Now I'm packing and we'll be on the road tomorrow morning, driving about eight hours to my oldest son's house in North Carolina. Can't wait to see him. It's been a while! 

In the mean time, I cannot believe we've been gone over a week. It's gone quickly, yet it's been a really relaxed, laid-back trip. And I think this may be the first trip I've taken where I didn't go through a major bout of homesickness at some point. Interesting.

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