Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Being an introvert by nature, I can sometimes be too content to hole up in my house and be, well, somewhat anti-social with just my kids, my computer and my yarn for company. But when I get out with friends, it's so good.

Today was such a good friend day.

First I had coffee with my friend Will. I met Will ten years ago (really? ten years?? wow.) when he was the pastor at our church. He now lives with his family in Virginia and, while he still preaches, he spends much of his time writing. C. S. Lewis is his speciality, and he's currently on a book tour promoting his newest release, The Professor of Narnia. He's in town for a few days for that purpose, and that's how we had the opportunity to get together today for coffee. I love talking to Will, because no matter what topic or whether or not we agree, it's always insightful conversation. And though we only see each other once or twice a year at best, its always easy to pick up with him. That's good friendship.

Coffee this afternoon wasn't part of the original plan, but dinner tonight was. I joined Will and two other mutual friends, Carole and Peggy, for a long dinner full of laughter and craziness and a bottle of Australian pinot noir (which was a very good wine that I will now add to my limited list of wines that I actually enjoy). Our waitress was a good sport and seemed to enjoy how much we were enjoying ourselves (as opposed to wanting to throw the four crazy people out of the restaurant). It's so much fun to be with friends who you can laugh with over the most irreverent things and no one really gets embarrassed or offended. The meal was good, but the company was far more satisfying.

I forgot my camera, but Will had his...hopefully I'll be able to snatch a picture from him of our dinner hilarity. 

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Knitting Mania said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends... There's nothing better than good food, good wine, fun friends, and a lot of laughing going on!