Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where'd the week go?

Seriously! It was here a minute ago! Huh. 

Well...this was our second week of summer vacation, and much like the first, I seem to have gotten very little of importance accomplished. This trend must change. Soon. I'm just sayin'.

There was some knitting, of course (but no pictures of it yet because it is all uninteresting to look at right now), and the normal house stuff, and one day I really went all domestic and baked scones not once but twice (cinnamon chip scones in the morning, cheddar dill scones for dinner). And there was the gym...I even sparred two nights and the second night I kick-sparred for the first time. Boo-yah! That was fun! And it counts as something important! LOL

Oh, we had wildlife going on here this week! Can't remember if I mentioned that my bird feeders have been getting ransacked a lot, so I finally took them down. Kevin suspected a bear. I thought it was probably deer. Turns out, it was most likely this guy... he is tearing apart our recycling on Monday night. It's bad enough to have a raccoon around, but to have an evil, laser-eyed raccoon...that's far worse, don't you think? About five minutes after he scurried off, an opossum showed up to mess with the recycling some more! Crazy!

But the raccoon had friends, and the whole bunch showed up on the front porch a little later the same night and helped themselves to the bag of bird food I hadn't put away...

Can you see all three of them? One is behind the bird food bag, the other is behind the post. They could have cared less that I was a mere three feet away (inside, safely behind the storm door), sticking my hand with the camera outside to take pictures. I've since removed the bird food from the porch and after one more night when they met with disappointment at the lack of a buffet, they don't seem to have returned.

Let's see...what else? Oh, Kevin and I celebrated our 16th anniversary on Friday! Sixteen seems simultaneously like a long time and not very long at all, you know? We went out to dinner on Saturday night to mark the occasion. 

Then today was an active day. After church, the four of us headed out to Boyce Park for an orienteering event being put on by the Western Pennsylvania Orienteering Club which, before yesterday, I didn't even know existed. I also didn't know that this particular flavor of orienteering (as opposed to the orienteering my husband has done with the Boy Scouts) is actually a competitive sport in some parts of the world, like Norway. Who knew? Not me! 

Here's the hubby and the girlie at the beginning of our course. We did the beginner course. He's showing her how to use the map and compass...

The kids and I took turns navigating to the check points. I was the only one who got us off track and we had to backtrack to find a check point we'd missed. Here's Christopher punching our control card at one of the check points. They were all marked with those cool, triangular box things (which they referred to as flags).

Then here is photographic evidence that Kevin and I actually went out and did a recreational activity together, as it happens so infrequently. Our chosen forms of recreation just don't overlap all that much (me - concerts, the gym, knitting; him - tractors, tractors, tractors). LOL

And yes, Kevin's shirt says, "I do everything the voices (in my wife's head) tell me to." He said the lady who was at the register at Home Depot this afternoon was a little offended by the shirt and asked him if his wife knew he was wearing it. "She bought it for me!" he said. She was apparently not amused. LOL 

Later today, Kevin decided to give Emma grass-mowing lessons. She's driven tractors before, but she was totally freaking out over having to do it on our hill in the back yard. Granted, it feels more slopey than it really is when you're on the tractor, but there's no way the tractor is going to roll or anything. He finally persuaded her to give it a try, and she did pretty well...

...that's my girl! And those are our big gardens down below her. The main one is on the left there, with most of the veggies in it, and on the right, in a smaller patch, is where the potatoes, sweet potatoes and some peppers are planted. So far, everything seems to be doing well. I've been diligent about going down to check on stuff, and Kevin and the kids have been keeping after the weeds and such. My little salad garden has been yielding onions and radishes, and this week I should be able to pick the first of our lettuce and spinach! And one of my cherry tomato plants has three baby tomatoes on it already! I'm so excited. 

Ok, I promise the next post will have some knitting in it. Really. With at least one picture.

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