Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tour de Fleece...

...is speeding towards us! Are you ready? :)

Last July, I took part in Katherine Matthew's Tour de Fleece for the first time. (I specify because there is another Tour de Fleece challenge, which has a large following on Ravelry. Katherine's is not associated with that one.) I'd found out about it through Yarn Harlot's blog (I don't imagine she's going to do it this year since she's so busy with Sock Summit, but who knows?), and even though I was a very newbie spinner and only spun with a drop spindle, I decided to give it a go. My goals were two-fold: try to spin daily in order to better my virtually non-existent skills and to try and spin some small amount of yarn that I could actually use for something.

I know I did not spin every day. I did, however, spin yarn I was able to use in a garter stitch afghan project I'd just started using a lot of different yarns (a project that, a year later, is nowhere near done!). So, I consider my first TdF a limited success.

This year, I've got my wheel and my spinning skills have grown tremendously. So now I'm trying to think of what goal to set for myself this year. The TdF is pretty laid-back...aside from the date parameters (the same as the Tour de France race), the goal aspect of Katherine's TdF is pretty open.

My thought, at this point, is to try and spin down my fiber stash. That's not a very specific goal, I realize. I've got a few days to further refine that goal, though, so let me get back to you on it, 'kay? LOL I will likely either choose to spin all of the small quantity fiber I have around, or I may try and tackle one of the large lots of fiber I have that should yield a sweater's worth. We'll see.


cheryl said...

GO FOR IT!! Do a sweaters worth, I want to see a handspun sweater!

Lisa B. said...

I don't know, Cheryl...I think I'm going to stick with smaller spinning goals for the TdF this year, though I've got a couple large lots of fiber here, and I'd really like to turn at least ONE of them into a sweater for the coming winter!