Thursday, June 25, 2009

No? Yes?

No, I did not get washed away in the great waters of the flooded yard.

Yes, I have been largely inert as of late. It is becoming a troubling habit.

No, I have no notable knitting or spinning updates to share. Sad.

Yes, I have spent way too much time on the computer lately, mostly Twittering and reading stuff on Facebook. But strangely, no blogging.

No, I do not know what that strange smell is around the vicinity of our recliner, but maybe if I spray some Lysol around it, it will go away?

Yes, I will post a real blog entry. Soon. Honest.

No, really. I will.

And lastly, YES! I would highly recommend adding Joshilyn Jackson's The Girl Who Stopped Swimming to your summer reading list. Just finished it tonight and it was excellent. (And if that doesn't convince you, does the fact that it made the NYT Bestseller's List influence you? How cool is that? Yeay, Joshilyn!) All of her books are excellent, each one better than the next. So, if you need more books to read, also pick up her first two, gods in Alabama and Between, Georgia. Just the right mix of captivating, disturbing and entertaining all rolled into one.

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