Friday, June 5, 2009

So, it was the first week of summer vacation...

...and I acted accordingly and did as little as humanly possible other than relax and enjoy the fact that I am (mostly) free from a schedule-driven life for the next three months. Woohoo!

Still, it was not a week without highlights (though they are, regrettably, pictureless highlights), the biggest and happiest of which is the fact that I've reached the six-month mark of going to the gym for kickboxing and martial arts classes. And in those six months? I've lost 35.5 pounds! (Yes, that half a pound is important, so hush!) I'm tempted to think that 35.5 pounds isn't that much until I realize that my four-year-old grandson weighs 35 pounds, and he's a load to pick up and carry around. LOL 

Still, beyond the numbers, I feel wonderful. I haven't felt this good physically in...well...I'm not sure if I've ever felt this good. And the good thing is that I just want to keep on going. I love my gym, the place and the people. I love how the activity there continues to challenge me, even as I get a little better at it week by week. I love that I'm doing something I never would have imagined myself doing, let alone enjoying. Who knew it would take until I was 42 to finally find the my athletic calling, and it would be this? Life's funny.

My other highlight for the week is that I finally have all 20 squares of my swap afghan bordered together! Yeay! All that's left is the outside border, which I'm doing in the same block-length segments as the inside borders (this was not how I was originally going to do it, but it seems right now that I've reached this point). So, I've got two of the 18 outer borders done, and they are going quickly, so I'm really hoping I'll have this afghan completely done by the end of the weekend. And then I'll share a picture of it!

Ok...I guess those are my two highlights for the week. Tomorrow I'm going with the hubby and a couple friends to the Kenny Chesney concert at Heinz Field. I am so NOT a country music fan, but Kevin is, and it's the only live music I can get him to go to. I DO love me some loud, live music, and as country artists go, KC's music doesn't make me wretch, and, let's face it, he's kinda hot. Ahem. And there will be beer. :}

Happy weekend!

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