Monday, June 23, 2008

Today, I reached...

...a new low in how I've answered the door for the UPS guy.

Most people who know me know that I'm prone to staying in my jammies until well after lunchtime, so more than one UPS guy has seen me in my sleepwear. And if I'm not going out anywhere, I often don't do much with my hair or put make-up on. Sometimes I don't even bother putting my contacts in.

But I managed to combine all of these elements, so that when the doorbell rang, and the only kid present had to contain the yapping dog, I was forced to answer the door looking like :::cringe::: this:

And just to note...this would have been a bad hair day anyway because yesterday was one of those did-nothing-much-with-my-hair (in other words, it air dried and was all kinky-curly), so after sleeping on it, well...let's just say the results are scary. Scary enough that I really didn't need to create the little Pebbles do with my daughter's skull barette, but I was in a silly mood and I knew it would make the kids laugh, which it did. God only knows what this look did to the UPS man. :::sigh:::

(Really, this is the fault of either my husband or the company that sent the package because the street number was wrong and the UPS guy needed me to verify it was the right house, thus I had to come to the door in the first place rather than him just leave the package on the porch. Ahem. Just sayin'....)


Wyanne said...

Finally got over to your blog and thanks for the comments on mine.

Don't worry about how you look (externally) - you're a divine being of light (internally).

P.S., when you're on Amelia this Fall I'm on Centre St. above an Irish store called "Celtic Charm."


Yvonne said...

That is just a great look for you!! Now I won't feel bad when I do the same thing, knowing someone else has been there, done that!! :)

cosymakes said...

tee hee :D
snigger snigger