Monday, June 23, 2008

Karma Bites Ass, details at 11:00

So, working on a pretty new sock...'s my own pattern, pretty subtle in this variegated yarn, but it adds a nice texture so I like it. In any case, it's a change from my usual ribbed or plain stockinette sock.

I started said sock on Saturday, while at the Homegrown Hooha concert, in between acts. (Yes, I'm a dork. I knit at concerts. I knit anywhere. Whatev.) You'd think that being in such a location with a lot of distraction I would have just opted for a simple sock, but no. Not moi. Must make things more complicated challenging. So I started making up this little lace-ish's hard to get to show up well in the picture, but it looks rather like a series of right-pointing carets. The pattern repeat is only six stitches and ten rows, so it isn't complicated, thus I could work on it with lots going on. And it was going swimmingly. All day yesterday and today, I'd sit down, pick it up, do another 10 row section and smile and pat myself on the back for just how well it was coming along and how (here it comes) I had not messed up the pattern AT ALL.

[Cue karma.]

So today, the girlie had an orthodontist appointment and I of course needed some knitting for the wait time, so I grabbed my happy little Hooha sock on the way out the door. I didn't have time to stop and put it in my purse, so I was just holding it in my hand as I opened the car door, sat down, and suddenly realized I had the yarn and sock in my right hand...and the circular needles and my car keys in my left hand.


I was agog. Seriously. I stared at the sock that now had a fringe of live stitches staring at me, and at the needles just a-danglin' all free and loose. I could not even scream. I was in such utter shock.

We were running late for the appointment already, but when faced with the choice of saving your knitting or being late for an appointment, you know which you choose whenever possible, right? Yeah. The sock. I did not move one iota from the spot I was in until I managed to pick up every possible stitch (which, for the record, was 51 of the 60). Only then could I breathe again.

The sock is slightly wonky at that spot because I couldn't manage to get all of the stitches back on right and had to fudge it (there were YOs involved in the row before the one that the needles pulled out of, and they were not being cooperative). But it looks good enough that the average person will never know there was a problem.

Only I will know.

And I will be reminded that when I, a lowly knitter, dare to get cocky about my knitting performance, karma will come along and bite me in the ass each and every time.

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