Friday, May 2, 2008

Five Minute Friday: Keep 'em Separated

Ok, so most of my friends will easily enough testify to my rather diverse and eclectic taste in music. It runs a wide gamut...classic rock to swing to rockabilly to (some) rap to (some) jazz to folk to get the picture. Lately, I've been in a pretty good alt-rock mode, which has me listening to The X on the radio. They play the likes of Linkin Park, Beastie Boys, Three Days Grace, Alien Ant Farm, Beck, etc. Cool stuff. Lots of songs I love but also lots of other songs I don't really know.

One such song came on the radio yesterday...The Offspring's "Come Out and Play." If you're familiar with this tune, you know it opens with an instrumental intro, followed by one line, "You gotta keep 'em separated," which is then followed by a whopping 16 measures of riffing instrumentalization before you get any more lyrics that might give you a clue as to what the song is actually about.

So, I was driving in the car, heard that first line, and then sat there wondering for 64 beats, "Ok, so, what do you need to keep separated?" I figured the song could be going anywhere, so I started making my own list of things that should be kept separated. I was kind of surprised by how many combinations I came up with at the time.

I actually had to come home and Google the lyrics before I figured out that the song was about keeping rival kids from shooting the crap out of each other (which, incidentally, was not one of the things I thought of during those 64 beats...just sayin').

Anyway, I thought I'd use this topic for FMF this week...just what DO you have to keep separated??

1. Boobies (all those bras out there built to lift and separate!)
2. Gas and fire
3. Sodium and water (or potassium and water, both combinations illustrated as having explosive capabilities by MacGyver and the Mythbusters team during their MacGyver special)
4. Bickering children
5. The whites from the darks
6. The wheat from the chaff
7. Your husband and your boyfriend (LOL, as if)
8. The men from the boys
9. Me from any more opportunities to buy more yarn!
10. Your favorite bamboo knitting needles from your cat (cats like to chew bamboo needles)
11. Your recyclables
12. The Hatfields and the McCoys
13. Chocolate from sunlight (waste of darned good chocolate otherwise)
14. Vampires and wooden stakes
15. Gremlins and midnight snacks (remember that movie? I think I saw it a half-dozen times. LOL)
16. If you're a picky toddler, every food on your plate lest they accidentally touch and then be deemed inedible and yucky.

Ok...I'm out. Anything you need to keep separated? ;)

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