Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Surely it's got to be warm in Florida...

...because it sure as h*ll ain't warm here! What the heck?! It's late May! Is it so much to ask for a little warmth and a stop to the precip? Apparently it is, because it's been cold and wet all week and I've about had it.

So there.

Thus, I'm turning my back on this cool, wet world of da 'burgh and hopping a plane to my mom's in Florida for the weekend. Even went and bought myself some spiffy new luggage today because the wheels on my old luggage are rather corroded and have been hard to roll the last few times we've used them. I figure new luggage every 15 years isn't so bad, huh?

I thought I was on the ball with my packing today until I remembered that the airlines only let you check ONE bag for free now. @#$!@#$!! Must now rethink my packing strategy. It wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't have to allot a goodly portion of my luggage space to the knitting projects I'm taking along, you know? LOL

Lots more I should post the yarn diet...and me inexplicably watching Wednesday Night Fights on ESPN2 tonight (for a good reason!)...and probably other things, but no time. Must go up to bed soon. Hopefully I'll be warmer and possibly tanner next time I write!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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