Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's been goin' on...

Been kind of quiet is winding down. This is the :::sniff::: last week. Still sad about this. Anyway, between work and my quick there-and-back trip to Harrisburg last weekend and keeping up with all of my Scrabulous and Word Twist games on Facebook and trying to actually do laundry and keep my house from being condemned by the health department (ahem), not a lot of time for blogging. So let's get caught up. Let's see, what's new?

My little salad garden is growing nicely. I've got lettuce and chard and onions and the fuzzy sprigs of carrot tops...and these...

...radishes! I am not a patient gardener, so I couldn't resist pulling one of these to see how they're doing. The radish was the size of a large pea, or a small grape (or of a prematurely pulled radish!), but it was perfectly round and beautifully red and after the mud was washed off and the ends were trimmed, it tasted just like a radish should taste! Yeay me and my, ahem, stellar gardening abilities.

Also, this has been going on a lot lately...

...blurry photography! Wait, no! Wii-ing! Yes, that is an action shot of my daughter playing Wii golf. I've been on a Wii hunt for months now, but to no avail. Then, last month, I went to the annual CCO fundraising dinner and auction where there was a Wii up for bid in the silent auction. And bid I did. I stalked the Wii all night. Ruthlessly, I stalked it and kept upping every competing bid. And I won it! It only came in $50 over it's actual value, which I thought was a pretty good deal...sure as heck beats driving all over God's creation trying to grab one as soon as it's unloaded off a truck in the dead of night, you know?

Anyway, we still had a couple weeks of our school year left at that point, so, being the loving mom I am, I showed the Wii to the kids, still in the box (the Wii, not the kids) and told them they could have it after they successfully completed their remaining school work for the year. Ha! And then I went on to torment them, threatening to add more school work to the year, just because I am evil that way. >:} But alas, we finished the school year a week ago Tuesday, and minutes after I pronounced, "The End," we broke out the Wii. And it is fun, I must say.

And then there is also this in our lives, still..

...our temporary dog, who I've taken to referring to as Piddle Pup. Good-freaking-gawd, but this dog is going to make me C-R-A-Z-Y if he doesn't stop having accidents in the house! Seriously. I love the dog. He is a cute dog. Lots of fun. And he'll go for a week or more without any ill-fated peeing...but then he'll pee on the carpet three times in one day! (Frankly, the green carpet there? Not as big a deal if he pees on it, because we're going to be ripping it up this year's ancient...but the Berber? That's not ancient, and while it is no longer new-new, I do not want piddle marks on it!) Or he'll piddle on my BED. (Ohyeshedid.) Or on the COUCH. (Uhhuh, he did there too.) We take him outside all the time, so it is not for lack of opportunity to pee in the right place. Sometimes he piddles when he gets excited. Sometimes he piddles when he hears a noise outside and begins barking hysterically. Sometimes we take him out and he doesn't go out there but will then come in and immediately go! An attention ploy? A bad attitude? A bladdar control issue? I don't know. All I know is that as my son and daughter-in-law are apartment hunting, I am very hopeful they find a place that takes pets. :::sigh:::

Oh, and...if you look at that picture of PP above, you'll see he is chewing on a plastic dental bone thing. He loves that bone. Loves it. And there he was, laying next to my husband's new tennis shoes, chewing vigorously on his bone. A few minutes later, though...

...he was laying ON my husband's new shoes, still chewing on the bone. But I thought it looked so cute that I coudln't see the bone and instead it looked like he was chewing on the shoe. So I took a picture.

Only later did I realize that he'd abandoned the bone and really WAS chewing on the freaking shoe, which now has a little nibbled edge at the top of it. I don't think the husband has noticed this or he'd probably have gone ballistic. I really need to trim the little hanging bit of shoe off the top so hopefully he won't notice. He isn't always that observant about such things, so chances are I might be able to defer a "Stupid dog!" rant. Hm.

Anyway, these are the exciting things going on in my life. You have been updated. Carry on.

(P.S. As if all three of you readers need to read more about my goings-on, you'll note I added a Twitter widget to the sidebar on the I can upload moment-by-moment, blow-by-blow accounts of what I am doing and thinking. Isn't that just fab?? Apparently I can even update it from my cell phone if I set it up to work that way. -- Oh, hey...I got a new cell phone this week! I'd link to it so you can see it, but the Verizon site is not working at the moment. Bugger.)

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