Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finished Tahoe, and stashing the stash...

So, I finished my Tahoe cardigan on Sunday...very excited about it. It feels so nice -- that Cathay knitted at a larger gauge really makes a nice drapey fabric, and it is so soft! I love how the picot edges look (I did the button band with a picot edge too, a change from the worked great and looks fab), and it is just the right weight garment to wear at this time of year over a tank top or t-shirt. These pictures don't really do it justice (and it doesn't help that I never know how to stand when trying to photograph my knitwear...I always look dorky).

This silly pose was to illustrate how flowy the sleeves are at the bottom. Totally love them. And even though they are wide sleeves, I managed to get the sleeve length just right so that they do not bug me. I wore the sweater to work on Tuesday and the sleeves didn't impede me at all, so good show!

I like this so much that I bought yarn to make a second one. I've never knit a second garment for myself from the same pattern before, but I'm going to with this. I'm going to make the next one a touch longer in the body, though. Even though I know this shorter length is in style, I never feel completely comfortable with it on my body (my co-workers told me to shut up because it looked fine to them, LOL). The next one is also going to be made from Cathay, this time in a deep, jewel-toned magenta. Yummy!

And have I mentioned the stash lately? Seriously. My craft room downstairs has been totally overrun with all of the bags of yarn that I've been bringing home from work in the past month. Finally, last night, I took the time to go through most of it, label each bag with the total yardage of each yarn as well as if I bought it for a specific project, and then proceeded to try and house it all in some reasonable order. I filled six -- six -- 56-quart Sterlite containers. I will need to buy two more, probably to fit the rest of it. Insane, I tell you. Insane, but it makes me so, so very happy because I am fully equipped to knit beautiful things for many years to come. LOL And that was my plan.

Now to figure out a reasonable way to store the buttons I've purchased so that when the time comes, I can remember what I bought them all to go with!

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