Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Finished Scarlett...

Here she finished Matsuri "Scarlett." I'm really mostly happy with her...this picture isn't doing much for the sweater really (the perplexed squint on my face? that's my reaction to my intelligent hubby having camera difficulties...all I wanted was a decent picture, really...:::sigh:::...) Anyway. I'm happy with it. Wore it to work today and got a lot of compliments. I think the only things I'd change if I were to do it again (because there's always something, isn't there?) would be to shorten the sleeves a bit and to do a turned hem instead of the rolled one. But really, those are minor things. It's very comfy, and it fits me well.

On to other projects now, like a little cotton shrug for my daughter to wear with a new skirt...

...using Debbie Bliss Cotton Glace for the first time. I've avoided it to this point because a) I didn't think I really liked knitting with cotton and b) I thought it was a finer-gauged yarn than it really is! (I was envisioning having to use 2s on it or something, and that didn't sound like fun for a sweater.) However, I'm enjoying knits up nicely, and fine though it may be, I'm working it on US 5s and that's not bad at all! This is the lower part of the back of a pattern I found on Ravelry called Anne Eliot Spencer. Its not the most well-written pattern in the world, but I'm enjoying the challenge of turning it into what I want, as it was the closest to what I was envisioning that I could find, and it saved me from having to try and create my own lacy shrug pattern (I hate graphing out lace, don't know why.) I'm farther along on this now...the back and one front is done. Should have the whole thing finished tomorrow, God willing! All in all, an enjoyable project.

Am also working on a Cathay cardigan I started last summer using the Tahoe pattern from Knitty. It was hibernating all winter, but I was pleasantly pleased when I pulled it out to find that I only had a sleeve and a half and some trim and hemming to go! Kewl! That should be done soon and I can enjoy wearing it while the season is right.

So, much goodly knitting is going on here at Chez Fibernymph this week. We likes that!

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cosymakes said...

hurrah! it looks marevelous :)