Friday, April 11, 2008

Five Minute Friday: Good Things that Happened Today

Today was a pretty good Friday, so let's go with that for today's FMF list!

Good things that happened in my life today...

1. Found the cutest pair of new shoes that will henceforth be this summer's everyday-ish casual, quick slip-ons...

2. Found very cute turquoise-colored, summery, wrap top that does not make me look fat(ter that I really am).

3. Though not looking for one, found very pretty summer dress -- black with white eyelet embroidery -- that actually looks quite nice on me, which is saying something because I usually look very frumpy in dresses, but this one actually makes me look like I have a nice shape! Possibly verging on svelte! Woohoo!

4. Went to the chiropractor who performed magic on my aching back and hip. Love me my chiropractor!

5. Went to the coffee house fund-raiser tonight and saw all my photos hanging all official and gallery-like (or at least as official and gallery-like as artwork can appear in our church's fellowship room)...

6. Spent time talking to friends I hadn't seen in a while, which was very cool.

7. Did my part in the fund raiser aspect of the night with a husband-approved purchase of a beautiful quilted wall-hanging in all of my favorite colors...will likely go in our bedroom when I repaint it this year.

8. Got some very yummy sock yarn in the mail from The Loopy Ewe...from left to right: Spindle City Yarns, color "Barking up the Wrong Tree"; Zen String, color "Vitamin C"; Bellamoden, color "Black Beauty Complex Painted"...

9. Also in this order, isn't this the cutest little key chain ever? Came with a pattern to knit a tiny little sock to go on it! Fun!

10. Got a call this evening from the oldest son who is still away at SOI training. He got an early promotion this week, so he's now officially a PFC! Oorah! :)

11. Drank lots of coffee today...lots of yummy, good coffee...may not bode well for sleep tonight, but it made me happy whilst I was enjoying it. :}

That was my day...hope your's was as good! And just for the record, it does not escape me that six of my eleven "good things" involved buying stuff (seven, if you include a Starbucks mocha frap, which counts as one of the good coffees I enjoyed today...well, eight if you include the chiropractor's visit, but our insurance technically pays for that, though we pay for the insurance, or part of it, I guess...hmm...anyway.). I'm really not that materialistic of a person...honest! Most days I happily stay home and don't spend money at all. Well, unless I go grocery shopping, or if I'm at work and make a yarn purchase. Just happened that today was a good buying day. Doing my part for the economy and all... :}

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cosymakes said...

sounds like a lovely day :)