Friday, April 25, 2008

Finished Tangerine Spencer...

Here she is! Emma wearing her new Tangerine Spencer shrug. Despite all of the modifications I made to the pattern on the fly, it turned out as perfectly as I could ask for. There are some oddities that I'd do different next time, but overall, I'm really happy with it, and so is she, and it looks too darned cute with the skirt we bought...

...I made the shrug to match the lone orange stripe in the skirt...see it?

This has been a pretty productive knit week what with the finished Scarlett, the finished Spencer and good progress on Tahoe (which I thought I'd have finished by now, but Spencer derailed me from that). Love good weeks like this!

All of my recent cotton knitting brought to my attention that I have hardly any cotton/hemp/linen/etc. in my stash, other than small amounts of cotton dish cloth yarn. So, I began to rectify that at work this week. The shop is now at 40% off everything in stock, so I'm doing my little part to help clear out the summer weight yarns. ;)

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