Friday, February 29, 2008

Five Minute Friday: Reasons I'm Glad to Be Home

I nearly missed the fact that today is days are all screwed up since returning and being sick. But it is Friday, and I've remembered, thus I'm going to do a 5MF about why I'm glad to be home, despite it being really tempting to have just stayed in Florida a day or two longer, enjoying the sunshine.

1. It would have sucked to have gotten sick away from home, even if we were at my mom's.
2. My own bed always feels so good after being gone.
3. Was missing the hubby.
4. Would have missed this awesome snowstorm today (or would have been driving in it--ick!).
5. Am enjoying time with my new Marine and his family.
6. Love being able to kick back in my jammies as long as I want.
7. Can do what I want without having to check plans with 8 - 12 other people.
8. No matter how messy it may be, I love being home.
9. Am enjoying the surprise furry, four-legged guest who is now staying with us.
10. Once again being able to cuddle with the hubby at night (which was hard to do sleeping in separate beds as we ended up having to do most of the trip).
11. Have downloaded all of my 200-ish pictures from the trip onto the computer so I can remember everything that seemed to go by so quickly.
12. Can check e-mail, Facebook, Ravelry, etc. as often as I like without getting dirty looks from my mom.
13. Making myself peppermint tea when I start to feel icky.
14. Have I mentioned I just love to be home?

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