Friday, February 8, 2008

Five Minute Friday: I Wouldn't Mind if...

After managing to miss my FMF list last week (not even sure why), I'm resuming it this week. It's a gray, snowy day today...perfect day for a little bit of wishful thinking. Thus, today's FMF list idea is one I'm borrowing from a recent post on Mennogirl's blog.

I wouldn't mind if...

...we got snowed in for a few days.
...the bummer bit of news I got yesterday would suddenly change.
...every day was a good school day.
...magic elves would come in and clean my house for me.
...I woke up and found myself weighing what I did 15 years ago.
...I finally felt caught up with everything I have to do. husband and I never argued.
...I never had to deal with financial stuff again.
...I could spend time with my friends as much as I'd like to.
...our cat was better mannered so he could be inside and curl up and keep me company.
...the sun shone more often during the winter in the 'burgh. wasn't as expensive as it is.
...people quit being judgmental.
...if the federal government was downsized.

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