Saturday, February 2, 2008

Images of January...

Hard to believe that January is already over, but indeed it is, as my 2008 photo blog project can so aptly attest. Thirty-one days, thirty-one photos. The collage above features representative bits of each day's photo. (You can view the actual photos at Inspired 365, if you're so inclined.)

Back when I was doing some hardcore scrapping, I loved doing pages about the every day.
I remember reading a comment on a scrapping board around that time asking why people would want to document these seemingly mundage types of things. Personally, I'd far rather record the every day. Sure, I love the holidays and birthdays and special events like weddings and births and such, but it's the every day that holds our true stories. Who we are, what we value.

While my January photo blog pictures may be no more than an opportunity for a voyeuristic look into my little world to most people, I'd be willing to bet that many of these photos will trigger strong, specific memories for my kids and me in years to some. I've been printing the photos, by week, onto sheets of paper and mailing them off to my son who has been in Marine boot camp since October. I'm betting he's finding more meaning in a shot of our breakfast food shelf and the juices in our fridge than the average person might. It's all about personal meaning. And the that is why I enjoy seeing these types of glimpses into others' lives, as well...because quite often, the personal, while unique, also had universal elements that we can all relate to. And that's pretty cool.

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