Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend highlight...

Hello you big hunka man, you...may I leap across the table and sit on your lap?

Ok, if you are not a UFC fan, then the man in this picture will likely not mean anything to you. However, I am a UFC fan, and Brock Lesnar is one of my favorite fighters EV-AR! He is the current heavyweight champ, and he is just a big mass of fighting awesomeness. And I got to meet him, in person, for about 15 seconds. He was signing autographs at the Vitamin Shoppe booth at the Arnold Sports Festival this past weekend. I didn't know he was going to be there until Saturday morning when I was reading Facebook updates and saw it mentioned. I squeed. A bonafide squee of delight. I was going to meet Brock Lesnar and I didn't care how long it took. In fact, it took nearly an hour of standing in line in sardine-like conditions in the Expo hall. (Holy cow, that place was packed!)

So when it was my turn, I got up there and said, "Hi!" and he's like, "Hi..." and he shook my hand. (OMG!! Brock TOUCHED me with the SAME HAND he's used to pound the crap outta guys!!! How awesome is that?? ROFL!) Then I handed him my Festival program (because it hadn't dawned on me that the point of the thing was that he was autographing things and I really didn't come prepared for only other option would have been to have given him a random body part to sign, and that's always awkward for everyone) and I said, "Lisa!" and he looked at me questioningly and asked, "Is that who you want me to make it out to?" "Yes!" Oh, I'm so bad at meeting famous people...I babble. And babble I did. I think I said something to the effect of how exciting it was to meet him and could I get a couple pictures with him, and he was quite gracious and posed. And yes, that seems to be his standard fan-photo pose...though it kinda looks like he's thinking about punching me in the head. Hahaha! Anyway, it's a pretty crappy-quality picture, but I ♥ it and will treasure it forever and ever. ;)

What you need to know about me is that I am not the stalk-the-famous-person type. Not really. There was that one incident many years ago when I followed Madeleine L'Engle to the bathroom after a reading she did, in order to get her autograph, but her assistant told me to follow wasn't really stalking. So hush. No, I think it's cool to see famous people in person, but to go up and make a big, gushy deal out of talking to them and getting a picture and whatnot? That's not really me. There are not many people I'd expend energy to get up close and personal with. But, dude...Brock is one of them. And it's funny because his personality when he's "on" leading up to fights and particularly after his last fight? Really obnoxious. He's one of those guys fans either love or hate. I think he's freakin' awesome. ;)

Oh, a side note. Arnold himself was there, making appearances throughout the weekend. He was escorted all the time by his posse of body guards. When we were standing and waiting for my friend Justin's kickboxing match to happen, Arnold showed up at the area just over from us for some sort of presentation they were doing for something. And dude! Arnold Schwarzennager is way shorter than you'd think! The Terminator should not be as small as he looks in person! LOL He's just a regular-sized guy! And also? It is just not right that they were repeatedly referring to him as the "Govenator." Really? Really? Good grief! But then the jiu jutsu refs all had shirts on that said "Refinator" to identify them. :::sigh::: (I've got some pics I took of Arnold from a distance...not sure if they turned out or not yet, though...haven't had a chance to get them off the camera yet. Will add one if there are any worth adding. Because I know you're dying to see a craptastic photo of the Govenator. Ahem.)

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