Monday, March 22, 2010


Maybe it's an early spring cleaning thing, or maybe I've finally come to my senses and realized that I will never, ever live long enough to knit even half my stash. Whatever the reason, I'm in big time destash mode right now. Yarn everywhere! Some staying, some going -- maybe to you? If you want to see what I'm parting with and you're on Ravelry, please check out my trade/sell stash page. I'll be adding a lot more over the next week or two, including a boatload of sock yarn (Seriously? Do I really think I have the patience to knit 100+ pairs of socks? Even if I did five pair per year, which is probably a good average, it would take me 20 years to use it all up! That's just crazy!) I'll also try to list some things here directly, but if you can peruse through Ravelry, that would really be the easiest and most expedient way to do it.

All prices include first class shipping within the Continental US...if you're out of the country, e-mail me at lmbwrites AT comcast DOT net and I'll get you a shipping quote for whatever you're interested in. All the yarn is clean and neat, kept in bins in my smoke-free home (we do have a dog, but the dog is never down here in my craft room/office...seriously...she has not figured out how to do's kind of funny).

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