Monday, March 29, 2010

Random thoughts on a Monday night...

...I declared this week to be our Easter/spring break from school. My plan is to relax and do as little of importance as possible.

...The oldest child called today telling me he was surprising us by coming home this week. I'll be glad to see him, but I'm selfishly hoping this does not infringe too much upon my aforementioned plans for relaxation and slothdom.

...Beating up boys at the gym and making them say "Ouch!" is a surprisingly good stress-reliever!

...I am having random pain in the bottom of my right foot and I'm not sure whether or not to be concerned about it.

...I asked the kids -- 13 & 15 -- if we could ditch the whole hiding-the-Easter-baskets thing this year. They were fine with that, though the boy-child asked, "Do we still get the candy?"

...Yes, most definitely yes!

...My efforts at destashing have reminded me of how many fabulous yarns I own and it is making me want to cast on many, many new things and knit them all at once.

...I am being steadfast in my refusal to cast on anything else until I finish the two shawls I am working on...Caricia, which I started last May, is now about 75% finished; my Autumn Shawl -- and entrelac pattern -- is about 50% done.

...It indeed appears to be the Year of the Shawl here in Lisaland.

...Spinning a batt of fiber that contains sparkly firestar in it results in everything around becoming sparkly...the couch, the floor, the dog...

...hard-boiling the last of the eggs the night before does not bode well when the kids request omelets for lunch the next day, and makes for an especially odd meal if you've already cooked the bacon and the hash brown patties.

...I planted onions and spinach in my little salad garden two weekends ago because it was so nice out and I couldn't resist. Still waiting to see if they'll do anything this early.

...What IS growing are my alfalfa seeds! My first effort at sprouting my own sprouts is an unmitigated success, which makes me so happy that I will never again have to spend $4.00 on a a container of sprouts that will end up rotting before I get them all used up.

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I love your random thoughts! Have a good break.