Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So, so far behind...

I don't think I'll ever catch up. 

That's my general feeling in life right now. I just can't seem to get caught up on anything! 

Let's see...we finished our school year back at the end of May, before we left for Florida. But since I went immediately from school mode to packing mode, I never got to finish up our end-of-year paperwork. Thus, I have a pile of school stuff sitting on my dining room table waiting to be organized, documented and stashed for posterity. If nothing else, it would be nice for the kids to know what their final grades were at some point. (LOL Can you tell we're homeschoolers?)

Spending ten days in Florida was a nice start to our summer in some ways, but in other ways it totally messed with my usual transition from school to summer. I usually take a week or so to just relax, not worry about getting things done, etc. That didn't get to happen. At least not at home. And frankly? Vacation was nice, but it was not what I'd call relaxing. I got home needing a vacation from my vacation. 

And, as it happened, I got one! Got home from FL on a Thursday (our travel -- both there and back -- was also not relaxing...it was kind of stressful, thankyouverymuchContinentalAirlines, the final straw being our luggage taking its own little getaway on the way home...argh) and had one day during which to do laundry so that I could turn around and leave bright and early Saturday morning for a fight trip with the gym crew. I love fight weekends. They're just plain fun. This was my friend Steve's first fight, he did great -- TKO in the 2nd round -- which made it even more fun. 

So, it wasn't until I got home from the fight trip that summer mode finally got to kick in for me last week! And I'm tellin' ya, I've felt discombobulated ever since. Really hoping to get in my summer groove soon, before the whole thing goes by and I have nothing to show for it.

I have big plans for this summer. There are several house painting projects in my queue. There is a room switch to work out. I want to teach myself to dye fiber, if only to use up the insane amount of fiber I bought for this purpose thinking it was a good idea. I bought a mountain bike last week, and I really want to take the kids on some rail trail rides. And I WILL get our next school year well organized before the week before we start. I WILL. Just so not an option this year!!

That said...I've got knitting to share with you at some point, and pictures from vacation once I get them processed. But for now I'm counting it an accomplishment that I actually got a blog post written. Some days, you take what you can get! ;)

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