Monday, June 21, 2010

Late night random, and some knits...

...I have lost my groove, and I can't seem to find it. I should change my name to either Little Bo Peep or Stella.

...June is over half gone. This should not be. It is wrong. WRONG.

...Navajo plying results in beautiful yarn, preserving wonderful, long stretches of color, which is why I like it. It also takes FOREVER, which is why I currently want to beat myself over the head with my wheel. This spinning project just does NOT want to end, and it was only 4 oz. of fiber, for Pete's sake!

...Ever since vacation, I've been eating like crap. I've fallen back into a bad habit of late-night snacking. This week, however, I decided that would STOP. So, after the gym tonight, I completely abstained from the butter pecan ice cream, chips and dip. Instead I had a bowl of yogurt with blueberries. And a beer. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

...I am driving myself absolutely CRAZY over one particular issue in life right now. It's not even something I can adequately put into words to be able to talk it out or process it through journaling. I just have to work it out in my mind. I'm hoping I still have a mind left by the time I'm through.

...We went to my cousin's daughter's graduation party yesterday. I remember when that girl was born. Seems like yesterday. Hell, I remember my cousin's graduation party, where all the teenagers were drinking the whiskey slush. That seems like yesterday, too. There was no teen drinking evident at yesterday's festivities. Times have indeed changed.

...My female cousins are all starting to look like their mothers. Their mothers are all starting to look like THEIR mothers. I was told I look just like my mother, who looks just like her mother. I'm not sure what to think about that.

...I bought a mountain bike a couple of weeks ago. My goal is to ride on several of the rail trails around here this summer, as well as to challenge myself on some shorter, more hilly rides. My hope is that adding this activity to my usual gym routine might help bump my metabolism into gear and get the weight loss going again. :::crossing fingers:::

...Continuing to omit butter pecan ice cream, chips and dip from my diet might also help with that.

...There are only 128 calories in a 12 oz. Yuengling, and it has 1.4 g of protein. That's practically a health food. So hush.

...I know, I know...I'm only kidding myself...WHATever...

Ok...enough rambling. You deserve the knit pictures now. (Links go to my Ravelry project pages.)

First up, a record! I have finished a Christmas gift already and it isn't even the last week of November! Cha!

Basic Cabled Mittens, pattern by Amy O'Dell. Knit in Ella Rae Amity for my mother-in-law.

And I test knit another cute baby sweater for Cosy...

Baby Beau, pattern by Cosette Cornelius-Bates. Knit in Ella Rae Classic.

Lastly, I finally knit a Shetland Triangle Shawl. I used the Wollmeise we got in our goodie bags at Spring Fling...special Fling colorway, Femme Fatale.

Shetland Triangle Lace Shawl, pattern by Evelyn Clark.

There you have it. A blog post in bullet points. Or ellipsis points. Whatever. It's late. I'm tired. Going to bed now. Carry on! ;)

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Your shetland triangle looks so airy and lovely. That's a big single skein of yarn! Wonderful idea to sell it in 150g hanks...

Processing: I have to do that in my journal; it's like practicing before I have to live it. We all have to figure out what works for us. Hope you get your processing done with a minimum of angst...

Nice to see you blogging!