Friday, February 26, 2010


Seems my blog has been targeted by a spammer. It's happened here and there in the past, which is annoying, but tonight the same spammer hit at least a dozen of my blog posts with the same spam. It was all written in Japanese (I think), so I have no idea what it said, but no matter what -- I don't want it on my blog!

If you previously commented on one of those posts, it is likely you also got the spam sent to you. If so, I'm sorry! I've had the word verification feature on my blog comments for a long time, which is supposed to cut down on this kind of thing. Apparently it's not fool-proof. For now, until I find a better way to deal with it, I'm requiring all comments to be approved by me before they post. So, if you comment (please do! I love to read your comments!), the comment won't show up right away, but it isn't anything personal. Honest! (Unless you are my spammer...then it is totally personal. Go away!)

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