Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ravelympics: Week 1

I am a Ravthlete! LOL That is such an odd word, but what fun it's been to participate in the Ravelympics festivities and events.

To date, I've won four medals, oh yes I have! First, I won three medals for the Aerial Unwind...

Though I won it three times, I'll only post it once. ;)

For those of you not familiar with Ravelympics parlance, Aerial Unwind is the event in which you frog WIPs that are just not working out. I had three languishing projects that fit that bill -- a cabled mitt I was trying to design, a pair of black gloves for my son that I'd rather poke my eyes out than actually knit (hate! black! yarn!) and lastly, almost two thirds of a completed Cosima cardigan that I started before I lost 45 pounds. It was going to be way too big, so I decided it needed to be frogged. The pretty teal Malabrigo will be used for something else later on.

My next medal event, the Flying Camel Spin, was one I hadn't originally planned to go for, but I recently bought some beautiful Falkland fiber from Cosy in a trio of very cheery reds, and I couldn't wait to spin a three ply with it, so that's what I did. Hence, I received this medal...

And here are some pictures of the fibery goodness...before, during and after:

Not sure that I'll earn too many more medals in the second week, but one that will be coming my way soon (hopefully!) will be for WIPs Dancing, as I'm very close to finishing the girlie's Heather Hoodie. Just one and a half armhole cuffs to go! Unfortunately, I'm going on a quick road trip this weekend, and the sweater is just a little too unwieldy to take along. So, it won't be finished until early next week. I'll be working instead on a pair of KAL socks for my Spring Fling group. They don't qualify for any Ravelympics events since they were started beforehand, but I need to finish them by the end of February, so hopefully my 10+ hours in the car this weekend will help me achieve that goal!

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