Friday, July 17, 2009

Random thoughts on a Friday night...

I'm starting to miss knitting. Spinning and crochet has been my fiber life for several weeks now, and I really want to get back to something on two needles soon. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...apparently true!

The coming week is going to be buuusssssyyyy. I'm tired just thinking about it.

There is one more week in Tour de Fleece. I won't say I'm glad, necessarily. It's been fun to spend time spinning daily. But I'll be glad not to have the "have to" aspect looming over me when it's done.

When TdF is over, I am taking a break from any other KALs, challenges, or what-have-yous until Soctoberfest in October. I need a rest from these things, enjoyable as they are.

It is raining. I love the sound of rain.

I've been thinking about goals and accomplishments lately...the ones I've met, the ones I haven't. I'm trying to celebrate the former and lighten up on myself about the latter. Over-achievers R Us, I'm afraid. :::sigh:::

Going for dinner tomorrow with Amy, whom I haven't seen in ages. Mad Mex! Fish tacos! Olé!

The kids leave for camp in nine days. Yeay! A free(ish) week for me! Ack! Things to do this week to get them ready!

I want to go kayaking.

But not tonight. Tonight I want to go to sleep. Tiiiirrrreeeed. :}

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