Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pictures of life lately...

...because they are easier than words...and more fun...LOL

From the 4th of July...sparklers!

Also from the 4th...family gatherings at my in-laws' house usually involve tractor rides...and here are all the kids who enjoyed riding in the wagon. So many little ones, and ones who aren't so little anymore!

One of the things I love about my in-laws' place is the crazy amount of old stuff that is laying around the buildings, which I find curiously artistic to look at.

Last Sunday, I went on a hike with my friend Angela in the countryside near her house...there were cows...moooo...

And there was lots of simply beautiful scenery...I love the country...

Look at that sky!

Angela had one of her Italian Greyhounds along for the hike...isn't Ethan cute?

And lastly, I'm still spinning for Tour de Fleece. It's taken me four days to finish one bobbin of my next album cover yarn...this is represents The Creepshow. It is the Happenstance Roving I bought back in March from Serendipitous Ewe at the Homespun Yarn Party. I'm adding in some dark purple curly locks to get the color scheme closer to the album.

So, there you have it. Life in pictures.

Can I just say that I can't believe it is mid-July already? I've been enjoying my summer so much. The temps have been unseasonably cooler, but not too cool. Just right for me, actually. We've done a lot of fun things already, had some good family times. They kids still have their week at camp coming up, which I look forward to as much as they do, frankly. LOL But I have this summer to-do list sitting here, which hasn't seen much crossed off. I really need to get on the ball before fall gets here and I want to kick myself for not getting more done before the school year starts up!

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