Saturday, February 14, 2009

What day is it?

Today is Saturday, but it's felt like Sunday for some reason. I think the power being off for nearly two days messed with me, mostly because I spent so much time at my in-laws' house, and I'm usually only ever there on weekend days, not mid-week.

Anyway...the power is back on here at Chez Beamer, to which we all shout a hearty huzzah and woohoo! The power company's recorded message promised it would be on by 6 p.m. Sunday, so I wasn't really expecting it to be on much before that. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to have it return mid-afternoon Friday. 

So life is mostly back to normal. Whatever that is.

I finished knitting my Rivolo scarf yesterday. It's soaking now and I'll block it overnight, and then I'll hopefully get a decent picture of it. 

Today I went to the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. I've never been to it before, and going this year was kind of a last minute decision. I swore to myself that I would not buy yarn, only roving. Of course, I lied to myself. I bought some of each. But oh my...there was so, so much pretty stuff there! I'll take some pictures of my goods soon and share. :)

Also today, I finally plied all of the wool/mohair that I'd spun a couple of weeks ago. I'd been procrastinating on plying it because I wasn't 100% sure I knew what I wanted to do. Since it was mainly a collection of little spun color samples interspersed with natural-colored wool, I wasn't sure what it would look like if I plied it together, mixing the colors together. It had the potential to be, well, weird and/or ugly, I thought. I considered spinning an equal amount of white roving and then plying the wool/mohair with that, but honestly? I wasn't into putting that much time and effort into this particular spinning project. I thought of Navajo plying the whole bunch of it to try and maintain the integrity of the colors as I'd spun them, but the fiber was fussy in spots and spun rather lumpily at times, so I wasn't sure a three-ply would be a good choice.

In the end, I just plied the bobbins together, letting the colors randomly meet up,! It looks awesome! The color combos look far more subtle than I thought they would, and the natural color mixed in helped soften it all even more. Its still a wild, rambly collection of color, but in a good way. And again, pictures will be forthcoming soon!

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a simple yarn said...

I guess living like Ma Ingalls is more adventurous in theory than in practice, eh? Gotta love electricity...